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Official Names of Countries 2024

Whether or not we realize it, most of us do not use a country's official name on a daily basis. Nearly every country in the world has an official or formal name that is longer and more formal than its common name. For example, many country names actually begin with the prefix "Republic of," as seen in Republic of Italy, Republic of Colombia, Republic of Korea (South Korea). Alternately, many countries use the similar "Kingdom of," such as Kingdom of Denmark and Kingdom of Norway, or a related form such as "Islamic Republic of," "Democratic Republic of," and "State of," among several others.

Most names are listed in their English iterations. For example, the proper name of France is the République française, which translates in English to the French Republic. Similarly, the official names for Germany and Mexico are the Bundesrepublik Deutschland and Estados Unidos Mexicanos, which translate respectively to the Federal Republic of Germany and the United Mexican States. Transcontinental countries are assigned to the continent with which they identify politically (i.e.: Russia with Europe).

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Official Name
AfghanistanIslamic Republic of AfghanistanAsia
AlbaniaRepublic of AlbaniaEurope
AlgeriaPeople's Democratic Republic of AlgeriaAfrica
American SamoaAmerican SamoaOceania
AndorraPrincipality of AndorraEurope
AngolaRepublic of AngolaAfrica
AnguillaAnguillaNorth America
Antigua and BarbudaAntigua and BarbudaNorth America
ArgentinaArgentine RepublicSouth America
ArmeniaRepublic of ArmeniaAsia
ArubaArubaNorth America
AustraliaCommonwealth of AustraliaOceania
AustriaRepublic of AustriaEurope
AzerbaijanRepublic of AzerbaijanAsia
BahamasCommonwealth of the BahamasNorth America
BahrainKingdom of BahrainAsia
BangladeshPeople's Republic of BangladeshAsia
BarbadosBarbadosNorth America
BelarusRepublic of BelarusEurope
BelgiumKingdom of BelgiumEurope
BelizeBelizeNorth America
BeninRepublic of BeninAfrica
BermudaBermudaNorth America
BhutanKingdom of BhutanAsia
BoliviaPlurinational State of BoliviaSouth America
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and HerzegovinaEurope
BotswanaRepublic of BotswanaAfrica
BrazilFederative Republic of BrazilSouth America
British Virgin IslandsVirgin IslandsNorth America
BruneiNation of Brunei, Abode of PeaceAsia
BulgariaRepublic of BulgariaEurope
Burkina FasoBurkina FasoAfrica
BurundiRepublic of BurundiAfrica
CambodiaKingdom of CambodiaAsia
CameroonRepublic of CameroonAfrica
CanadaCanadaNorth America
Cape VerdeRepublic of Cabo VerdeAfrica
Cayman IslandsCayman IslandsNorth America
Central African RepublicCentral African RepublicAfrica
ChadRepublic of ChadAfrica
ChileRepublic of ChileSouth America
ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaAsia
ColombiaRepublic of ColombiaSouth America
ComorosUnion of the ComorosAfrica
Cook IslandsCook IslandsOceania
Costa RicaRepublic of Costa RicaNorth America
CroatiaRepublic of CroatiaEurope
CubaRepublic of CubaNorth America
CuracaoCountry of CuraçaoNorth America
CyprusRepublic of CyprusEurope
Czech RepublicCzech RepublicEurope
DenmarkKingdom of DenmarkEurope
DjiboutiRepublic of DjiboutiAfrica
DominicaCommonwealth of DominicaNorth America
Dominican RepublicDominican RepublicNorth America
DR CongoDemocratic Republic of the CongoAfrica
EcuadorRepublic of EcuadorSouth America
EgyptArab Republic of EgyptAfrica
El SalvadorRepublic of El SalvadorNorth America
Equatorial GuineaRepublic of Equatorial GuineaAfrica
EritreaState of EritreaAfrica
EstoniaRepublic of EstoniaEurope
EswatiniKingdom of EswatiniAfrica
EthiopiaFederal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaAfrica
Falkland IslandsFalkland IslandsSouth America
Faroe IslandsFaroe IslandsEurope
FijiRepublic of FijiOceania
FinlandRepublic of FinlandEurope
FranceFrench RepublicEurope
French GuianaGuianaSouth America
French PolynesiaFrench PolynesiaOceania
GabonGabonese RepublicAfrica
GambiaRepublic of the GambiaAfrica
GermanyFederal Republic of GermanyEurope
GhanaRepublic of GhanaAfrica
GreeceHellenic RepublicEurope
GreenlandGreenlandNorth America
GrenadaGrenadaNorth America
GuadeloupeGuadeloupeNorth America
GuatemalaRepublic of GuatemalaNorth America
GuernseyBailiwick of GuernseyEurope
GuineaRepublic of GuineaAfrica
Guinea BissauRepublic of Guinea-BissauAfrica
GuyanaCo-operative Republic of GuyanaSouth America
HaitiRepublic of HaitiNorth America
HondurasRepublic of HondurasNorth America
Hong KongHong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of ChinaAsia
IndiaRepublic of IndiaAsia
IndonesiaRepublic of IndonesiaAsia
IranIslamic Republic of IranAsia
IraqRepublic of IraqAsia
Isle of ManIsle of ManEurope
IsraelState of IsraelAsia
ItalyItalian RepublicEurope
Ivory CoastRepublic of Côte d'IvoireAfrica
JamaicaJamaicaNorth America
JerseyBailiwick of JerseyEurope
JordanHashemite Kingdom of JordanAsia
KazakhstanRepublic of KazakhstanAsia
KenyaRepublic of KenyaAfrica
KiribatiIndependent and Sovereign Republic of KiribatiOceania
KuwaitState of KuwaitAsia
KyrgyzstanKyrgyz RepublicAsia
LaosLao People's Democratic RepublicAsia
LatviaRepublic of LatviaEurope
LebanonLebanese RepublicAsia
LesothoKingdom of LesothoAfrica
LiberiaRepublic of LiberiaAfrica
LibyaState of LibyaAfrica
LiechtensteinPrincipality of LiechtensteinEurope
LithuaniaRepublic of LithuaniaEurope
LuxembourgGrand Duchy of LuxembourgEurope
MacauMacao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of ChinaAsia
MadagascarRepublic of MadagascarAfrica
MalawiRepublic of MalawiAfrica
MaldivesRepublic of the MaldivesAsia
MaliRepublic of MaliAfrica
MaltaRepublic of MaltaEurope
Marshall IslandsRepublic of the Marshall IslandsOceania
MartiniqueMartiniqueNorth America
MauritaniaIslamic Republic of MauritaniaAfrica
MauritiusRepublic of MauritiusAfrica
MayotteDepartment of MayotteAfrica
MexicoUnited Mexican StatesNorth America
MicronesiaFederated States of MicronesiaOceania
MoldovaRepublic of MoldovaEurope
MonacoPrincipality of MonacoEurope
MontserratMontserratNorth America
MoroccoKingdom of MoroccoAfrica
MozambiqueRepublic of MozambiqueAfrica
MyanmarRepublic of the Union of MyanmarAsia
NamibiaRepublic of NamibiaAfrica
NauruRepublic of NauruOceania
NepalFederal Democratic Republic of NepalAsia
New CaledoniaNew CaledoniaOceania
New ZealandNew ZealandOceania
NicaraguaRepublic of NicaraguaNorth America
NigerRepublic of NigerAfrica
NigeriaFederal Republic of NigeriaAfrica
North KoreaDemocratic People's Republic of KoreaAsia
North MacedoniaRepublic of North MacedoniaEurope
Northern Mariana IslandsCommonwealth of the Northern Mariana IslandsOceania
NorwayKingdom of NorwayEurope
OmanSultanate of OmanAsia
PakistanIslamic Republic of PakistanAsia
PalauRepublic of PalauOceania
PalestineState of PalestineAsia
PanamaRepublic of PanamaNorth America
Papua New GuineaIndependent State of Papua New GuineaOceania
ParaguayRepublic of ParaguaySouth America
PeruRepublic of PeruSouth America
PhilippinesRepublic of the PhilippinesAsia
PolandRepublic of PolandEurope
PortugalPortuguese RepublicEurope
Puerto RicoCommonwealth of Puerto RicoNorth America
QatarState of QatarAsia
Republic of the CongoRepublic of the CongoAfrica
ReunionRéunion IslandAfrica
RussiaRussian FederationAsiaEurope
RwandaRepublic of RwandaAfrica
Saint BarthelemyCollectivity of Saint BarthélemySaint BarthélemyNorth America
Saint Kitts and NevisFederation of Saint Christopher and NevisaNorth America
Saint LuciaSaint LuciaNorth America
Saint MartinSaint MartinNorth America
Saint Pierre and MiquelonSaint Pierre and MiquelonNorth America
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSaint Vincent and the GrenadinesNorth America
SamoaIndependent State of SamoaOceania
San MarinoMost Serene Republic of San MarinoEurope
Sao Tome and PrincipeDemocratic Republic of São Tomé and PríncipeAfrica
Saudi ArabiaKingdom of Saudi ArabiaAsia
SenegalRepublic of SenegalAfrica
SerbiaRepublic of SerbiaEurope
SeychellesRepublic of SeychellesAfrica
Sierra LeoneRepublic of Sierra LeoneAfrica
SingaporeRepublic of SingaporeAsia
Sint MaartenSint MaartenNorth America
SlovakiaSlovak RepublicEurope
SloveniaRepublic of SloveniaEurope
Solomon IslandsSolomon IslandsOceania
SomaliaFederal Republic of SomaliaAfrica
South AfricaRepublic of South AfricaAfrica
South KoreaRepublic of KoreaAsia
South SudanRepublic of South SudanAfrica
SpainKingdom of SpainEurope
Sri LankaDemocratic Socialist Republic of Sri LankaAsia
SudanRepublic of the SudanAfrica
SurinameRepublic of SurinameSouth America
SwedenKingdom of SwedenEurope
SwitzerlandSwiss ConfederationEurope
SyriaSyrian Arab RepublicAsia
TaiwanRepublic of ChinaAsia
TajikistanRepublic of TajikistanAsia
TanzaniaUnited Republic of TanzaniaAfrica
ThailandKingdom of ThailandAsia
Timor LesteDemocratic Republic of Timor-LesteAsia
TogoTogolese RepublicAfrica
TongaKingdom of TongaOceania
Trinidad and TobagoRepublic of Trinidad and TobagoNorth America
TunisiaTunisian RepublicAfrica
TurkeyRepublic of TurkeyAsia
Turks and Caicos IslandsTurks and Caicos IslandsNorth America
UgandaRepublic of UgandaAfrica
United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab EmiratesAsia
United KingdomUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandEurope
United StatesUnited States of AmericaNorth America
United States Virgin IslandsVirgin Islands of the United StatesNorth America
UruguayOriental Republic of UruguaySouth America
UzbekistanRepublic of UzbekistanAsia
VanuatuRepublic of VanuatuOceania
Vatican CityVatican City StateEurope
VenezuelaBolivarian Republic of VenezuelaSouth America
VietnamSocialist Republic of VietnamAsia
Wallis and FutunaTerritory of the Wallis and Futuna IslandsOceania
Western SaharaSahrawi Arab Democratic RepublicAfrica
YemenRepublic of YemenAsia
ZambiaRepublic of ZambiaAfrica
ZimbabweRepublic of ZimbabweAfrica
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What countries officially have the in their name?

Sixteen countries have the word "the" within their official names. For example, the official name of Niger is "Republic of the Niger.

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