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Latitude by Country 2024

Latitude measures a location's position on Earth between the north and south poles. Because countries are larger than a single point, the center point of a country is used. This system is imperfect, and it sometimes results in several points of latitude arguably being the best point to use. For example Palestine has a latitude of 31°25'N at the Gaza Strip, but the West Bank could also be used and has a latitude of 32°00'N.

DR Congo is right on the equator with a latitude of 0°00' N. Because of the tilt of the world's axis, countries on the equator are hot all year long. This would be the case for DR Congo as well as Nauru and Sao Tome and Principe. Nauro has a latitude of 0°32'S, making it the country farthest from the South Pole in the Southern Hemisphere. Sao Tome and Principe has the same latitude as Uganda and Kenya. All have a latitude of 1°00', making them the countries farthest from the North Pole above the equator.

With a latitude of 72°00'N, Greenland is the country farthest from the equator in the Northern Hemisphere. It is followed by Iceland with a latitude of 65°00'N and Finland with a latitude of 64°00'N. In the Southern Hemisphere, the Falkland Islands are the farthest away from the equator with a latitude of 51°45'S. Next is New Zealand with a latitude of 41°00'S.

Countries tend to be more frequent closer to the equator. Part of the reason is that the poles are cold and inhospitable. They aren't the sort of environment that would lead to a thriving nation-state. Even with the advanced technology we have today, it is difficult for human life to survive at the poles. The other part is that the equator is the longest line of latitude so there is simply more space for more countries the closer you get to the equator. In fact there are no countries with a central point within 18°00' of either the North or South pole.

The main unit of measure in latitude is the degree (°). Starting at the equator (0°) and moving both northward to the North Pole (90° North, written 90° N or +90°) and southward to the south pole (90° South, written 90° S or ?90°).

  • Latitudes shown are rounded figures for the center point of a country expressed in degrees and minutes. Values are based on the locations provided in the Geographic Names Server (GNS), maintained by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency on behalf of the US Board on Geographic Names.
  • Countries often have multiple average latitudes. The United States, for instance, could have one for the 48 contiguous states, one for all 50 states, and a third for when all US territories are included. Where available, additional average latitudes are listed in a separate column.
  • Latitudes are written similarly to the hours/minutes/seconds system used by time, but substitutes degrees for hours, followed by smaller gradations.

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Latitude by Country
Additional Details
Greenland72 00 N
Iceland65 00 N
Finland64 00 N
Sweden62 00 N
Norway62 00 N
Faroe Islands62 00 N
Russia60 00 N
Canada60 00 N
Estonia59 00 N
Latvia57 00 N
Denmark56 00 N
Lithuania56 00 N
Isle of Man54 15 N
United Kingdom54 00 N
Belarus53 00 N
Ireland53 00 N
Netherlands52 31 N
Poland52 00 N
Falkland Islands51 45 S
Germany51 00 N
Belgium50 50 N
Czech Republic49 45 N
Luxembourg49 45 N
Guernsey49 28 N
Jersey49 15 N
Ukraine49 00 N
Slovakia48 40 N
Kazakhstan48 00 N
Austria47 20 N
Liechtenstein47 16 N
Hungary47 00 N
Switzerland47 00 N
Moldova47 00 N
Saint Pierre and Miquelon46 50 N
Slovenia46 07 N
France46 00 N
French Guiana: 4 00 N; Guadeloupe: 16 15 N; Martinique: 14 40 N; Mayotte: 12 50 S; Reunion: 21 0...
Romania46 00 N
Mongolia46 00 N
Croatia45 10 N
Serbia44 00 N
Bosnia and Herzegovina44 00 N
San Marino43 46 N
Monaco43 44 N
Bulgaria43 00 N
Italy42 50 N
Montenegro42 30 N
Andorra42 30 N
Georgia42 00 N
Vatican City41 54 N
North Macedonia41 50 N
New Zealand41 00 S
Uzbekistan41 00 N
Kyrgyzstan41 00 N
Albania41 00 N
Azerbaijan40 30 N
Spain40 00 N
North Korea40 00 N
Turkmenistan40 00 N
Armenia40 00 N
Portugal39 30 N
Turkey39 00 N
Tajikistan39 00 N
Greece39 00 N
United States38 00 N
South Korea37 00 N
Gibraltar36 08 N
Japan36 00 N
Malta35 50 N
China35 00 N
Syria35 00 N
Cyprus35 00 N
Argentina34 00 S
Tunisia34 00 N
Lebanon33 50 N
Uruguay33 00 S
Iraq33 00 N
Afghanistan33 00 N
Bermuda32 20 N
Iran32 00 N
Israel31 30 N
Palestine31 25 N
Gaza Strip: 31 25 N; West Bank: 32 00 N
Jordan31 00 N
Chile30 00 S
Pakistan30 00 N
Lesotho29 30 S
Kuwait29 30 N
South Africa29 00 S
Morocco28 30 N
Algeria28 00 N
Nepal28 00 N
Bhutan27 30 N
Australia27 00 S
Egypt27 00 N
Eswatini26 30 S
Bahrain26 00 N
Qatar25 30 N
Saudi Arabia25 00 N
Libya25 00 N
Bahamas24 15 N
Bangladesh24 00 N
United Arab Emirates24 00 N
Taiwan23 30 N
Paraguay23 00 S
Mexico23 00 N
Hong Kong22 15 N
Macau22 10 N
Botswana22 00 S
Namibia22 00 S
Turks and Caicos Islands21 45 N
New Caledonia21 30 S
Cuba21 30 N
Cook Islands21 14 S
Oman21 00 N
Mauritius20 17 S
Madagascar20 00 S
Zimbabwe20 00 S
Tonga20 00 S
India20 00 N
Mauritania20 00 N
Cayman Islands19 30 N
Niue19 02 S
Haiti19 00 N
Dominican Republic19 00 N
British Virgin Islands18 30 N
Mozambique18 15 S
Puerto Rico18 15 N
Jamaica18 15 N
Anguilla18 15 N
Saint Martin18 05 N
Sint Maarten18 4 N
Fiji18 00 S
Laos18 00 N
Saint Barthelemy17 90 N
Saint Kitts and Nevis17 20 N
Belize17 15 N
Antigua and Barbuda17 03 N
Bolivia17 00 S
Mali17 00 N
Montserrat16 45 N
Vietnam16 10 N
Vanuatu16 00 S
Niger16 00 N
Cape Verde16 00 N
Guatemala15 30 N
Dominica15 25 N
Northern Mariana Islands15 12 N
Zambia15 00 S
Thailand15 00 N
Sudan15 00 N
Yemen15 00 N
Chad15 00 N
Honduras15 00 N
Eritrea15 00 N
American Samoa14 20 S
Senegal14 00 N
Saint Lucia13 53 N
El Salvador13 50 N
Samoa13 35 S
Malawi13 30 S
Gambia13 28 N
Guam13 28 N
Wallis and Futuna13 18 S
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines13 15 N
Barbados13 10 N
Philippines13 00 N
Burkina Faso13 00 N
Cambodia13 00 N
Nicaragua13 00 N
Angola12 30 S
Aruba12 30 N
Comoros12 10 S
Curacao12 10 N
Grenada12 07 N
Guinea Bissau12 00 N
Djibouti11 30 N
Guinea11 00 N
Trinidad and Tobago11 00 N
Brazil10 00 S
Peru10 00 S
Nigeria10 00 N
Somalia10 00 N
Costa Rica10 00 N
Benin9 30 N
Tokelau9 00 S
Panama9 00 N
Marshall Islands9 00 N
Timor Leste8 50 S
Sierra Leone8 30 N
Solomon Islands8 00 S
Tuvalu8 00 S
Ethiopia8 00 N
Ghana8 00 N
Ivory Coast8 00 N
Venezuela8 00 N
South Sudan8 00 N
Togo8 00 N
Palau7 30 N
Sri Lanka7 00 N
Central African Republic7 00 N
Micronesia6 55 N
Liberia6 30 N
Tanzania6 00 S
Papua New Guinea6 00 S
Cameroon6 00 N
Indonesia5 00 S
Guyana5 00 N
Seychelles4 35 S
Brunei4 30 N
Colombia4 00 N
Suriname4 00 N
Burundi3 30 S
Maldives3 15 N
Malaysia2 30 N
Ecuador2 00 S
Rwanda2 00 S
Equatorial Guinea2 00 N
Kiribati1 25 N
Singapore1 22 N
Republic of the Congo1 00 S
Gabon1 00 S
Kenya1 00 N
Uganda1 00 N
Sao Tome and Principe1 00 N
Nauru0 32 S
DR Congo0 00 N
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