Countries with the Most Time Zones 2023

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Which Country Has the Most Time Zones?

The country with most time zones in the world is actually the nation of France. When you include the overseas territories that France possesses, it has a total of 12 different time zones. If you include the territory that France has claimed on the continent of Antarctica, France has a total of 13 different time zones. The overseas territories of France account for the majority of the nation's many time zones. The time zone of metropolitan France, which is simply the nation of France itself, is UTC +01:00. The nation of France proper is in Central European Time.

Russia Comes in at #2 With 11 Different Time Zones

Russia is well-known as one of the largest nations in the world when you consider the amount of land it possesses. As a result, it is not too surprising that Russia has plenty of time zones. In total, when including the overseas territories of Russia, it has a total of 11 different time zones. Unlike France, the majority of time zones that Russia has are due to the nation of Russia itself and not its overseas territories. The majority of European Russia follows Moscow Time, which is UTC +03:00.

The United States Is Tied With Russia With 11 Time Zones

The United States of America is another fairly large nation and it has many overseas territories, as well. Because of this, the United States is tied with Russia for the second-most time zones in the world with 11. Six of the United States' 11 time zones come from its 50 states. The other five time zones are from its various overseas territories. In the continental United States, there are a total of four different time zones. These are the Eastern Time zone, the Central Time zone, the Mountain Time zone, and the Pacific Time zone. The US is not the country with most time zones, but it has more time zones than many other countries.

There is a Three-Way Tie for the Country With the Third-Most Time Zones

Just as there was for the country with the second-most time zones, there is a tie for the country with the third-most time zones. This tie is between Antarctica, the United Kingdom, and Australia. All three of these countries each have a total of nine time zones. Australia proper has four different time zones, while the United Kingdom proper only has one time zone. All nine of Antarctica's time zones come from the country itself. As you likely know, Antarctica does not have any overseas territories.

Countries with the Most Time Zones 2023

Countries with the Most Time Zones 2023