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Southernmost Point by Country 2024

The country with the southernmost point is Antarctica. However, because of Antarctica's severely cold weather and its remoteness, it is devoid of permanent human life. Indeed, Antarctica is the only continent on Earth that cannot support permanent human life.

Antarctica is a source of interest to researchers and scientists who live there on a contractual basis during the summer. Its ice sheet provides information on what Earth has been like for the past million years. The continent also provides information on how the activities of humans have impacted the Earth. More than 60 research centers are scattered throughout the continent, and as many as 5,000 researchers live there during the summer. Tourists also visit Antarctica during the summer.

Ushuaia, a city in the Tierra del Fuego region of Argentina, is the southernmost city in the world. The city nicknamed the "End of the World," is at 54.8019° S, 68.3030° W. While some settlements exist south of Ushuaia, none are large enough or have sufficient infrastructure to be considered a city. Puerto Williams, in Chile, is the southernmost town in the world, based on latitude. Its coordinates are 54°56′S 67°37′W. Located on Isla Navarino, it has a population of about 2,800.

About 82,000 people live in Ushuaia, about 680 miles from the Antarctic Peninsula. Because of its proximity to Antarctica, it is viewed as one of the five international gateway cities to Antarctica. Unlike Antarctica, temperatures are cool but not cold. Tourism is a major industry in Ushuaia, mainly because it is a launch site for travel to Isla Yécapasela, which has a large colony of penguins.

Several other Argentinian and Chilean settlements are considered to be among the Earth's southernmost. Tolhuin, Argentina, at 54°32′S 67°12′W, is a town of about 3,000 people. Rio Grande, Argentina, at 53°47′S 67°42′W, is a city of about 55,000. Porvenir, Chile, at 53°17′S 70°22′W, is a town of about 4,700.

  • Countries may have multiple Southernmost points. The United States, for instance, has one southernmost point for the 48 contiguous states, and a second for when dependent territories such as American Samoa and Puerto Rico are included. In such cases, additional southernmost points are listed in a separate column.
  • The dividing line between north and south is a horizontal ring around the Earth known as the equator.
  • Latitudes are written similarly to the hours/minutes/seconds system used by time, with the largest unit of measure listed first, followed by smaller gradations.
  • The main unit of measure in latitude is the degree (°). Starting at the equator (0°) and moving northward, the degrees count up from 1° N to 179° N, reaching 180° at the North Pole. If moving southward, the count is a mirror image, from 1° S to 180° S at the South Pole.
  • Because the scale reverses count at the equator, higher S values are more southward than lower S values, but lower N values are more southward than high N values.
  • Additional latitudes of interest include the Tropic of Capricorn at 23°26′21″S, the equator at 00°00′00″, the Tropic of Cancer at 23°26′21″N, and the Arctic Circle at 66°33′39″N.

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Southernmost Latitude
Southernmost Point
Afghanistan29°23′NBorder with Pakistan
Albania39°39′NBorder with Greece, Sarandë Region
Algeria18°58′NBorder with Mali, Tin Zaouatine Commune
American Samoa14°34′SRose Atoll
Andorra42°26′NBorder with Spain
Angola18°02′SBorder with Namibia near Dirico, Cuando Cubango Province
Antigua and Barbuda16°56′NRedonda Island
Argentina55°04′S 52°24′SSouthernmost point of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego Monte Dinero (mainland)
Armenia38°50′NBorder with Iran
Australia55°03′S 43°38′S 39°08′SBishop and Clerk Islets South East Cape (Tasmania) South Point (mainland)
Austria46°23′NBorder with Slovenia, Carinthia
Azerbaijan38°24′NBorder with Iran
Bahamas20°55′NSoutheast of Matthew Town, Great Inagua Island
Bahrain25°34′NHawar Islands
Bangladesh20°35′N 20°45′NChera Dwip, St. Martin's Island border with Myanmar at Dakhinpara, Teknaf Upazila, Chittagong Division (mainland)
Barbados13°03′NSouth Point, Silver Sands, Christ Church Parish
Belarus51°15′NNizhnie Zhary, Brahin District, Gomel Region
Belgium49°30′NBorder with France, Torgny, municipality of Rouvroy, Luxembourg, Wallonia
Belize15°53′NSouthwestern border with Guatemala near Chocon (Guatemala)
Benin06°14′NGrand-Popo, Mono Department
Bhutan26°43′NBorder with India
Bolivia22°54′SBorder with Chile, Sur Lípez Province
Bosnia and Herzegovina42°34′NTrebinje; near border with Montenegro
Brazil33°45′SBorder with Uruguay, Rio Grande do Sul, just north of Barra del Chuy (Uruguay)
Brunei04°00′NBorder with Malaysia, Melilas
Bulgaria41°15′NBorder with Greece, Mount Veykata, Kardzhali Province
Burkina Faso09°24′NBorder with Côte d'Ivoire, Kpuere, Noumbiel Province
Burundi04°28′SBorder with Tanzania at Colline Chibumba, near Mugina
Cambodia09°55′N 10°24′NKoh Poulo Wai border with Vietnam, Kampot Province (mainland)
Cameroon01°39′NBorder with Republic of Congo, Boumba-et-Ngoko Department, just north of Ouésso (Congo)
Canada41°41′N 41°57′NMiddle Island, Ontario (Lake Erie) Point Pelee (mainland)
Cape Verde14°48′NHeadland southeast of Tantum, Ilha Brava
Central African Republic02°13′NCentral African Republic/Republic of Congo/Cameroon tripoint, Sangha-Mbaéré
Chad07°27′NBorder with Central African Republic near Deng, Logone Oriental Region
Chile56°32′S 53°53′SÁguila Islet, Diego Ramírez Islands Cape Froward (mainland)
China08°51′N 18°10′N 20°14′N(James Shoal, claimed 03°58′N) Cuarteron Reef (disputed) Southern tip of Hainan (undisputed) Hai'an, Guangdong (mainland)
Colombia04°14′SQuebrada de San Antonio near Leticia, Amazonas
Comoros12°25′SÎle Canzouni, Mohéli
Costa Rica05°31′N 08°04′NCocos Island border with Panama at Punta Burica (mainland)
Croatia42°23′NIslet Galijula in Adriatic Sea
Cuba19°50′NEast of Cape Cruz, Desembarco del Granma National Park, Granma
Curacao11°59′NKlein Curaçao
Cyprus34°33′NCape Gata
Czech Republic48°33′NBorder with Austria near Vyšší Brod
Denmark54°34′NFalster, Guldborgsund Kommune
Djibouti10°56′NBorder with Ethiopia southwest of As Eyla
Dominica15°12′NCoast southeast of Scotts Head
Dominican Republic17°28′N 17°36′NAlto Velo Island, Jaragua National Park south of Oviedo, Pedernales in Jaragua National Park (mainland)
DR Congo13°27′SHaut-Katanga Province
Ecuador05°00′SBorder with Peru, Chinchipe Canton
Egypt21°44′N 22°00′NJebel Bartazuga, Bir Tawil (disputed) border with Sudan
El Salvador13°09′NEl Jaguey, La Unión
Equatorial Guinea01°28′SAdams Islet, south of Annobón
Eritrea12°22′NBorder with Djibouti, Southern Denkalya Subregion, southwest of the town of Dadda'to (Djibouti)
Estonia57°31′NBorder with Latvia, Karisöödi village, Rõuge Parish, Võru County
Eswatini27°19′Snear Lavumisa
Ethiopia03°24′NBorder with Kenya east of Moyale, Borena Zone
Falkland Islands52°53′SBeauchene Island
Faroe Islands61°20′NMunkurin
Fiji21°44′SCeva-I-Ra atoll
Finland59°30′N 59°48′NBogskär in Föglö municipality, Åland Tulliniemi in Hanko (mainland)
France22°23′SSaint-Joseph, Réunion
French Guiana02°06′NBorder with Brazil, Maripasoula
French Polynesia27°55′SSouthern Rock, Marotiri
Gabon03°59′SCoastal border with Republic of Congo, Haute-Banio Department
Gambia13°02′NCoastal border with Senegal near Kartung, Kombo South
Georgia41°03′NBorder with Azerbaijan
Germany47°17′NBorder with Austria, Bavaria
Ghana04°44′NCape Three Points, Western Region
Greece34°49′N 36°23′NGavdos, Crete Cape Tenaro, East Mani, Laconia, Peloponnese (mainland)
Greenland59°46′N 60°08′NIslet 2.3 km south of Cape Farewell mainland
Grenada11°59′NGlover Island, Saint George Parish
Guatemala13°44′NBorder with El Salvador near Garita Chapina, Jutiapa Department
Guinea07°12′NBorder with Liberia on River Mani at Bignamou, Yomou Prefecture
Guinea Bissau10°52′N 10°55′NJoão Vieira and Poilão Marine National Park Headland in Cacine, Tombali Region, opposite the coast of Tristan Island (Guinea) (mainland)
Guyana01°11′NBorder with Brazil near Wai-Wai, Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo Region
Haiti18°01′NSouth of Torbeck, Les Cayes Arrondissement
Honduras12°59′NPacific coast border with Nicaragua, Choluteca Department
Hong Kong22°9′14″NTau Lo Chau, Soko Islands, New Territories
Hungary45°45′NBorder with Croatia, Beremend
Iceland63°17′N 63°23′NSurtsey Island Kötlutangi (mainland)
India06°44′N 08°06′NIndira Point, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu (mainland)
Indonesia11°00′SPamana Island
Iran25°04′NPasabandar, Sistan va Baluchestan Region
Iraq29°04′NBorder with Saudi Arabia
Ireland51°23′N 51°26′NFastnet Rock, County Cork Brow Head (mainland)
Israel29°30′NNear Elat, Hadarom, Red Sea
Italy35°30′N 37°56′NLampedusa Island, Sicily Capo Spartivento, Brancaleone, Province of Reggio Calabria, Calabria (mainland)
Ivory Coast04°22′NCoastal border with Liberia
Jamaica17°42′NPortland Point
Japan20°25′N 24°44′N 30°59′NOkino Torishima Island Ishigaki Island (southernmost inhabited point) Cape Sata (four main Islands)
Jordan29°11′NIntersection of Amman-Tabuk railway with Jordan/border with Saudi Arabia
Kazakhstan40°34′NBorder with Uzbekistan
Kenya04°43′SCoastal border with Tanzania, near Lunga Lunga, Kwale County
Kiribati11°26′SFlint Island, Line Islands
Kuwait28°32′NBorder with Saudi Arabia
Kyrgyzstan39°10′NBorder with Tajikistan
Laos13°55′NBorder with Cambodia near Veun Kham, Khong District, Champasak Province
Latvia55°40′NMurani, Daugavpils Region; Belarus/Latvia/Lithuania tripoint
Lebanon33°03′NBorder with Israel
Lesotho30°40′SQuthing District
Liberia04°21′NCape Palmas
Libya19°30′NChad/Libya/Sudan tripoint
Liechtenstein47°03′NBorder with Switzerland
Lithuania53°54′NBorder with Belarus, Lazdijai
Luxembourg49°27′NBorder with France
Madagascar25°37′SCape Vohimena
Malawi17°07′SNsanje District
Malaysia00°51′NBorder with Indonesia to the southeast of Tebedu, Sarawak
Maldives00°42′SGan Island in Addu Atoll
Mali10°09′NBorder with Côte d'Ivoire southeast of Manankoro, Bougouni Cercle
Malta35°47′NDelimara Point, Marsaxlokk
Marshall Islands04°34′NEbon Atoll
Mauritania14°43′NBorder with Senegal at the junction of the Karakoro River and Sénégal Rivers, Guidimaka Region
Mauritius20°32′SNear Souillac
Mexico14°32′NCoastal border with Guatemala at the mouth of the Río Suchiate, Chiapas
Moldova45°28′NGiurgiuleşti: Moldova/Romania/Ukraine tripoint
Monaco43°44′NFontvieille; coast at border with France
Mongolia41°34′NBorder with China
Montenegro41°51′NAda Bojana Island, Ulcinj municipality
Montserrat16°40′NOld Fort Point, Soufrière Hills Exclusion Zone
Morocco21°20′N 27°40′NMoroccan Western Sahara Wall (disputed) Border with Western Sahara (undisputed)
Mozambique26°52′SCoastal border with South Africa near Zitundo
Myanmar09°36′N 09°59′NChristie Island, Myeik Kyunzu Kawthaung (mainland)
Namibia28°58′Snear Onseepkans
Nauru00°33′SNauru International Airport, Yaren
Nepal26°22′NBorder with India near Biratnagar, Province No. 1
Netherlands12°01′N 50°76′NWillemstoren Lighthouse, Bonaire Belgium/Germany/Netherlands tripoint (Provinces)
New Zealand52°37′S 46°40′SJacquemart Island Slope Point (South Island)
Nicaragua10°43′NTrinidad, Río San Juan
Niger11°42′NBenin/Niger/Nigeria tripoint
Nigeria04°17′NCape Formoso, Brass, Bayelsa State
North Korea37°40′NCape Tungsan, Kangryong
North Macedonia40°52′NBorder with Greece
Norway57°57′N 58°00′NPysen, Mandal region Lindesnes (mainland)
Oman16°39′NCoastal border with Yemen, Dhofar Governorate
Pakistan23°42′NKeti Bunder South Wildlife Sanctuary, Sindh
Palau02°47′NTransit Reef, Hatohobei
Panama07°11′NPunta Mariato, Cerro Hoya National Park, Veraguas
Papua New Guinea11°46′S 10°42′SVanatinai near Suau, Samarai-Murua District (mainland)
Paraguay27°43′SYacyretá Island
Peru18°21′SBorder with Chile on the Pacific coast of Tacna Province
Philippines04°35′NSaluag Island, Sibutu, Tawi-Tawi province
Poland49°00′NBorder with Ukraine at Opołonek peak
Portugal30°03′N 36°57′NIlhéu de Fora, Madeira Cabo de Santa Maria, Faro, Algarve (mainland)
Qatar24°28′NBorder with Saudi Arabia, close to Qatar-UAE Road
Republic of the Congo05°02′SCoastal border with Cabinda Province, Angola, Pointe-Noire Department
Romania43°38′NBorder with Bulgaria, Teleorman County
Russia41°11′NBorder with Azerbaijan, Dagestan
Rwanda02°51′SBorder with Burundi, Nyaruguru District, southwest of Butare
Saint Kitts and Nevis17°06′NDevil's Cave, Saint John Figtree Parish, Nevis
Saint Lucia13°42′NMoule a Chique, near Vieux Fort
Saint Pierre and Miquelon46°45′NSaint Pierre Island
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines12°32′NPetit Saint Vincent
Samoa14°04′SNu'ulua Island
San Marino43°54′NBorder with Italy
Sao Tome and Principe00°01′SIlhéu das Rolas
Saudi Arabia16°23′NBorder with Yemen south of Muwassam, Jizan Province (mainland)
Senegal12°18′NBorder with Guinea south of Dindefelo, Kédougou Region
Serbia41°48′N 42°13′NRestelica (including Kosovo) Miratovac (excluding Kosovo)
Seychelles10°13′SGoëlettes Island, Farquhar Atoll
Sierra Leone06°56′NCoastal border with Liberia southeast of Sulima, Pujehun District
Singapore01°09′NPulau Satumu
Slovakia47°44′NBorder with Hungary, Patince
Slovenia45°25′NBorder with Croatia
Solomon Islands11°47′SEast Rennell, Rennell Island
Somalia01°40′SBorder with Kenya at Chiamboni, Badhadhe District
South Africa46°59′S 34°50′SMarion Island, Prince Edward Islands Cape Agulhas (mainland)
South Korea33°06′N 34°17′NMarado, Seogwipo, Jeju Province Ttangkkeut, Haenam County, South Jeolla Province (mainland)
South Sudan03°29′NBorder with Uganda south of Nimule
Spain27°38′N 36°00′NEl Hierro, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands Punta de Tarifa, Tarifa, Province of Cádiz, Andalusia (mainland)
Sri Lanka05°55′NDondra Head
Sudan08°41′N 09°30′NIncluding Kafia Kingi[note 3] border with South Sudan south of Kurmuk, Blue Nile State
Suriname01°50′NBorder with Brazil, Coeroeni
Sweden55°20′NSmygehuk, Skåne, east of Trelleborg
Switzerland45°50′NBorder with Italy, Pedrinate, Ticino
Syria32°19′NBorder with Jordan
Taiwan10°23′N 20°41′N 21°53′NTaiping Island (disputed) Pratas Island (disputed) Cape Eluanbi, Kenting National Park (undisputed/mainland)
Tajikistan36°40′NBorder with Afghanistan
Tanzania11°45′SBorder with Mozambique, south of Ligunga in Namtumbo District
Thailand05°37′NBorder with Malaysia in Yarom, Betong District, Yala Province
Timor Leste09°30′SBorder with Indonesia near Bisae Súnan, Passabe Subdistrict, Oecusse
Tokelau09°21′SFenua Loa, Fakaofo
Tonga22°21′SʻAta Island
Trinidad and Tobago10°03′NIcacos, Siparia region, Trinidad Island
Tunisia30°15′NAlgeria/Libya/Tunisia tripoint
Turkey35°49′NBorder with Syria, Hatay Region
Turkmenistan35°09′NBorder with Afghanistan
Uganda01°29′SBorder with Tanzania, Kabale District
Ukraine44°23′NIzmail Raion Foros, Crimea (disputed)
United Arab Emirates22°38′NUmm Al Zumul, Empty Quarter Emirate
United Kingdom49°52′N 49°57′NPednathise Head, Scilly Isles Lizard Point (mainland)
United States05°53′N 18°54′N 25°07′NPalmyra Island ("incorporated Territory")[note 1][note 2] Ka Lae, Hawaii (50 states) Cape Sable, Florida (contiguous states)
Uruguay35°02′S 34°58′SIsla de Lobos Punta del Este (mainland)
Uzbekistan37°11′NAfghanistan/Tajikistan/Uzbekistan tripoint
Vatican City41°54′NBorder with Italy
Venezuela00°40′NBorder with Brazil, Río Negro Municipality, Amazonas
Vietnam07°51′N 08°25′N 08°35′NAmboyna Cay (disputed) Hon Sao Island Cape Cà Mau (mainland)
Western Sahara20°47′NCape Blanc (Ras Nouadibhou)
Yemen12°06′N 12°36′NDarsah Island, Socotra archipelago south of Al Bahiya, Al Madaribah Wa Al Arah District, Lahij Governorate (mainland)
Zambia18°05′SBorder with Zimbabwe, Kalomo District
Zimbabwe22°25′SMozambique/South Africa/Zimbabwe tripoint
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Which country has the southernmost point?

The South Pole, which is located in Antarctica, is the Earth's southernmost point. However, Ushuaia, which is a city that is located in Argentina's Tierra del Fuego region, is considered the southernmost city in the world.

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