Enderman Alphabet

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is both a brand and a creation of a video game of the same name. The original Minecraft was created as a 3D survival game where the player takes full control of their world, with or without the need for help from others. There is no specific goal to achieve. However, certain game completionists agree that defeating the "Ender Dragon" would let you defeat the primary mission in the world of Minecraft. Other than this, Minecraft is a game where players are able to set their own goals, and different worlds are often suited to different playstyles. There are some institutions, players, and organizations that use Minecraft to create 3D models of certain different solutions, such as architecture and software infrastructure.

Various spin-off games have been made from the Minecraft brand, including conventions and festivals which have brought together fans and developers alike to match an unforgettable experience and to solidify a gaming community. Minecraft: Story Mode is one of the most popular extensions of the game, which is played via television and consoles by selecting different episodes to view different endings and adventures.

What are the Enderman?

In the world of Minecraft, there are various "mobs" which a player can interact with. Mobs are non-playable characters that can serve as a resource for the player. Certain mobs are hostile, meaning that they attack the player on sight or by triggering various conditions. Other mobs are benevolent, which means that they help the player and provide them with resources, which are usually farm animals or villagers.

The Endermen are an esoteric mob that is found throughout all three of Minecraft's dimensions - the Overworld, the Nether, and the End. Endermen are one of the few mobs within Minecraft lore that are able to hop between dimensions at their whim. Endermen do not attack the player right away, as they are naturally neutral. Their actions are to teleport and pick up different blocks near the vicinity of the player. Endermen become aggressive if they are attacked, or if the player looks them in the eyes from up to 64 blocks away, and then turns their head. If the player maintains eye contact instead, they will shake violently, but not attack the player. In some cases, they may teleport away.

Does the Enderman have an Alphabet?

The Endermen have a language and a written alphabet, although this was added canonically into the game by a player named Dr_Breen. The gamer created the syntax of the alphabet, and each symbol directly translates to a different letter in the alphabet of the Latin alphabet. This exercise is notably interesting, as the player translates the sounds of the Endermen into letters, without using any phonetic sounds to do so. The language is not used inside the game but has extremely significant importance for online players, where gamers can effectively role-play as Endermen and still be able to communicate with one another logically.

Endermen themselves do make noises, but they are sound bytes of the English language which have been heavily distorted.