Presidents by Age 2024

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Age at Presidency
Age of Death
46Joe Biden78 years, 61 days Jan 20, 202180 years, 47 days
45Donald Trump70 years, 220 days Jan 20, 201776 years, 206 days
44Barack Obama47 years, 169 days Jan 20, 200961 years, 155 days
43George W. Bush54 years, 198 days Jan 20, 200176 years, 184 days
42Bill Clinton46 years, 154 days Jan 20, 199376 years, 140 days
41George H. W. Bush64 years, 222 days Jan 20, 198994 years, 171 days
40Ronald Reagan69 years, 349 days Jan 20, 198193 years, 120 days
39Jimmy Carter52 years, 111 days Jan 20, 197798 years, 97 days
38Gerald Ford61 years, 26 days Aug 9, 197493 years, 165 days
37Richard Nixon56 years, 11 days Jan 20, 196981 years, 103 days
36Lyndon B. Johnson55 years, 87 days Num 22, 196364 years, 148 days
35John F. Kennedy43 years, 236 days Jan 20, 196146 years, 177 days
34Dwight D. Eisenhower62 years, 98 days Jan 20, 195378 years, 165 days
33Harry S. Truman60 years, 339 days Apr 12, 194588 years, 232 days
32Franklin D. Roosevelt51 years, 33 days Mar 4, 193363 years, 72 days
31Herbert Hoover54 years, 206 days Mar 4, 192990 years, 71 days
30Calvin Coolidge51 years, 29 days Aug 2, 192360 years, 185 days
29Warren G. Harding55 years, 122 days Mar 4, 192157 years, 273 days
28Woodrow Wilson56 years, 66 days Mar 4, 191367 years, 37 days
27William Howard Taft51 years, 170 days Mar 4, 190972 years, 174 days
26Theodore Roosevelt42 years, 322 days Sep 14, 190160 years, 71 days
25William McKinley54 years, 34 days Mar 4, 189758 years, 228 days
24Grover Cleveland55 years, 351 days Mar 4, 189371 years, 98 days
23Benjamin Harrison55 years, 196 days Mar 4, 188967 years, 205 days
22Grover Cleveland47 years, 351 days Mar 4, 188571 years, 98 days
21Chester A. Arthur51 years, 349 days Sep 19, 188157 years, 44 days
20James A. Garfield49 years, 105 days Mar 4, 188149 years, 304 days
19Rutherford B. Hayes54 years, 151 days Mar 4, 187770 years, 105 days
18Ulysses S. Grant46 years, 311 days Mar 4, 186963 years, 87 days
17Andrew Johnson56 years, 107 days Apr 15, 186566 years, 214 days
16Abraham Lincoln52 years, 20 days Mar 4, 186156 years, 62 days
15James Buchanan65 years, 315 days Mar 4, 185777 years, 39 days
14Franklin Pierce48 years, 101 days Mar 4, 185364 years, 319 days
13Millard Fillmore50 years, 183 days Jul 9, 185074 years, 60 days
12Zachary Taylor64 years, 100 days Mar 4, 184965 years, 227 days
11James K. Polk49 years, 122 days Mar 4, 184553 years, 225 days
10John Tyler51 years, 6 days Apr 4, 184171 years, 295 days
9William Henry Harrison68 years, 23 days Mar 4, 184168 years, 54 days
8Martin Van Buren54 years, 89 days Mar 4, 183779 years, 231 days
7Andrew Jackson61 years, 354 days Mar 4, 182978 years, 85 days
6John Quincy Adams57 years, 236 days Mar 4, 182580 years, 227 days
5James Monroe58 years, 310 days Mar 4, 181773 years, 67 days
4James Madison57 years, 353 days Mar 4, 180985 years, 104 days
3Thomas Jefferson57 years, 325 days Mar 4, 180183 years, 82 days
2John Adams61 years, 125 days Mar 4, 179790 years, 247 days
1George Washington57 years, 67 days Apr 30, 178967 years, 295 days
showing: 46 rows

How Old Do You Need To Be To Become President of the United States?

There are a lot of requirements that you need to meet to become president of the United States. Even though the vast majority of presidents have been of advanced age, as they need to have a lot of experience before they can successfully run for office, someone only has to be 35 years old to be elected president of the United States. In addition, they need to have been born in the United States. Someone who was born overseas is not allowed to be president, according to the Constitution, someone also has to have lived in the United States for the past 14 years to be approved to hold office.

Who Was the Youngest President in the History of the United States?

The youngest person to ever hold the office of President of the United States was Theodore Roosevelt. He took over at the age of 42. When William McKinley was assassinated, Theodore Roosevelt was his vice president. That meant that he immediately took office as soon as McKinley passed away. The youngest person to be elected president was John F Kennedy. He was inaugurated at the age of 43. He was also the youngest president at the end of his tenure, as he was assassinated at the age of 46. Overall, the average age at which someone becomes president is approximately 55 years of age.

Who Was the Oldest Person To Become President of the United States?

The oldest person to become president of the United States is Joe Biden. Joe Biden took the oath of office approximately two months after turning 78. Assuming he survives until the end of his presidency, he will also be the oldest president to conclude his tenure as president. Prior to Joe Biden, the oldest president at the end of his tenure was Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan completed his tenure as president of the United States at the age of 77. He was the oldest person to do so when he left office.

How Long Do Presidents Live in Retirement?

After a president leaves office, they are considered retired. It is highly unusual for an ex-president to consider returning to politics and another office. James K Polk had the shortest retirement of any president in the history of the United States. He died approximately three months after he finished his tenure as president. Right now, the longest retirement of someone who has held the office of President of the United States is Jimmy Carter. He served as president of the United States from 1976 to 1980. He has been retired for close to 42 years, and he has enjoyed the longest retirement of any ex-president. There are several other presidents who are still alive. Examples include Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George Bush jr. It remains to be seen what many of these presidents are going to do during their retirement years, as many still hold significant influence.