California State Bird

What Is the Official State Bird of California?

The dominant state on the West Coast of the United States, California adopted the California Quail as the official state bird. IT is also called the California Valley Quail, and it is a plump game bird that has gray and white feathers. The California Quail grows to about the size of a pigeon, but the two birds look nothing alike. This avian species tends to feed on insects, seeds, and various grasses. It can be spotted all up and down the coast of the popular Golden Bear State.

Why Did California Pick the California Quail To Be the Official State Bird?

The Golden State selected the California Quail to be the state bird because of its ties to the state. The California Quail can be found throughout the wide-open spaces of CA up and down the coast. In particular, the California Quail can be found living on the beaches. The Audubon Society was intrigued by the possibility of adopting the California Quail, and sent it to the legislature for review. In 1931. Now, the California Quail is the official bird and emblem of the state. Of note, the California Quail is not the state bird of any other state, as CA has a unique honor.

What Does the California Quail Look Like?

The California Quail is a member of the quail family, which is massive, with 43 different species. The California Quail has tan, brown, gray, and white feathers. The pattern can vary from bird to bird, giving it a unique appearance.

The California Quail is also a relatively long bird, measuring about 10 inches. The wingspan is about 14 inches. The California Quail usually weighs between five and seven ounces, which is a bit light for its overall size.

The California Quail has a distinguishing plume that hangs from the top of the head, creating the appearance of a comma. The male California Quail has a slate-gray patch on the chest, while the female California Quail has a white stripe on the face. This is how the two can be distinguished from one another.

How Do the California Quail Birds Behave?

The California Quail is a bird that loves to socialize with other birds. They tend to travel in flocks and convoys. It is not unusual to see a few dozen of them flying across the sky at the same time. The breeding season starts in May, and this is when the birds will branch off and form couples. They will establish their breeding territory and defend their ground against other birds. When California Quail mate, they mate for life.

They tend to build their nests on the ground and begin mating. The female birds will start to lay eggs during the spring, and they tend to lay about a dozen eggs at a time. The females will incubate the eggs for a few weeks, and the male California Quail will be responsible for defending the birds once they hatch.

California state bird
California quail
Scientific Name
Callipepla californica
Year Became Official