Governors of California

How Many Governors Has California Had In The History of the State?

The state of California is a somewhat newer addition to the United States, at least compared to some of the older states in the Union. California first achieved statehood on September 9th, 1850. You should also know that California only had a single governor before it became a state. That was Peter Hardeman Burnett. In the history of the state, California has had a total of 38 governors.

As you might know, California is known as a Democratic state. This is demonstrated by California governors. Three of the last four governors of California have been Democrats.

Full List of The Governors of California

It is relevant to note that it is uncommon for the same person to serve as the governor of California on several different occasions. This has actually happened only once in the history of California. Jerry Brown served as California governor from 1975 to 1983, then again from 2011-2019. The current governor of California is Gavin Newsom. Continue reading for the comprehensive list of California governors.

Governors of California