Governors of Idaho

History of Idaho Governors

A relatively late addition to the United States, the first governor of Idaho didn't serve until 1890. Acting as a territory beforehand, there were 12 different governors who helped manage the territory. The first two governors of Idaho were appointed by Abraham Lincoln to their position. George L. Shoup served as the first governor of this state and represented the Republican Party. He was also the acting governor when Idaho was last a territory. Since Shoup, there have been 31 different governors. Both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are represented throughout history, with 21 total Republicans showing a heavy weighting toward this political party.

Although the early years of governors in this state shifted between political parties, recently, the Republicans have held dominance in the state. There has been a Republican governor in Idaho since 1995. Interesting note, there has never been a female governor in Idaho.

Current Idaho Governor

The current governor of Idaho is Bard Little, who began serving as governor in 2019. Little represents the Republican Party, continuing a line of traditionally Republican leaders in this state. Brad Little was previously a member of the Idaho Senate before serving as Lieutenant Governor before his election. Little won his election handily, beating the competitor by over 130,000 votes.

Name Term Start Term End Party
George L. ShoupOct 1, 1890Dec 18, 1890Republican
N. B. WilleyDec 18, 1890Jan 2, 1893Republican
William J. McConnellJan 2, 1893Jan 4, 1897Republican
Frank SteunenbergJan 4, 1897Jan 7, 1901Democratic
Frank W. HuntJan 7, 1901Jan 5, 1903Democratic
John T. MorrisonJan 5, 1903Jan 2, 1905Republican
Frank R. GoodingJan 2, 1905Jan 4, 1909Republican
James H. BradyJan 4, 1909Jan 2, 1911Republican
James H. HawleyJan 2, 1911Jan 6, 1913Democratic
John M. HainesJan 6, 1913Jan 4, 1915Republican
Moses AlexanderJan 4, 1915Jan 6, 1919Democratic
D. W. DavisJan 6, 1919Jan 1, 1923Republican
Charles C. MooreJan 1, 1923Jan 3, 1927Republican
H. C. BaldridgeJan 3, 1927Jan 5, 1931Republican
C. Ben RossJan 5, 1931Jan 4, 1937Democratic
Barzilla W. ClarkJan 4, 1937Jan 2, 1939Democratic
C. A. BottolfsenJan 2, 1939Jan 6, 1941Republican
Chase A. ClarkJan 6, 1941Jan 4, 1943Democratic
C. A. BottolfsenJan 4, 1943Jan 1, 1945Republican
Charles C. GossettJan 1, 1945Nov 17, 1945Democratic
Arnold WilliamsNov 17, 1945Jan 6, 1947Democratic
C. A. RobinsJan 6, 1947Jan 1, 1951Republican
Leonard B. JordanJan 1, 1951Jan 3, 1955Republican
Robert E. SmylieJan 3, 1955Jan 2, 1967Republican
Don SamuelsonJan 2, 1967Jan 4, 1971Republican
Cecil AndrusJan 4, 1971Jan 24, 1977Democratic
John V. EvansJan 24, 1977Jan 5, 1987Democratic
Cecil AndrusJan 5, 1987Jan 2, 1995Democratic
Phil BattJan 2, 1995Jan 4, 1999Republican
Dirk KempthorneJan 4, 1999May 26, 2006Republican
Jim RischMay 26, 2006Jan 1, 2007Republican
Butch OtterJan 1, 2007Jan 7, 2019Republican
Brad LittleJan 7, 2019-Republican