Governors of Louisiana

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Term Start
Term End
John Bel EdwardsJan 11, 2016-Democratic
Bobby JindalJan 14, 2008Jan 11, 2016Republican
Kathleen BlancoJan 12, 2004Jan 14, 2008Democratic
Mike FosterJan 8, 1996Jan 12, 2004Republican
Edwin EdwardsJan 13, 1992Jan 8, 1996Democratic
Buddy RoemerMar 14, 1988Jan 13, 1992Democratic
Edwin EdwardsMar 12, 1984Mar 14, 1988Democratic
Dave TreenMar 10, 1980Mar 12, 1984Republican
Edwin EdwardsMay 9, 1972Mar 10, 1980Democratic
John McKeithenMay 12, 1964May 9, 1972Democratic
Jimmie DavisMay 10, 1960May 12, 1964Democratic
Earl LongMay 8, 1956May 10, 1960Democratic
Robert F. KennonMay 13, 1952May 8, 1956Democratic
Earl LongMay 11, 1948May 13, 1952Democratic
Jimmie DavisMay 9, 1944May 11, 1948Democratic
Sam H. JonesMay 14, 1940May 9, 1944Democratic
Earl LongJun 26, 1939May 14, 1940Democratic
Richard W. LecheMay 12, 1936Jun 26, 1939Democratic
James A. NoeJan 28, 1936May 12, 1936Democratic
Oscar K. AllenMay 16, 1932Jan 28, 1936Democratic
Alvin Olin KingJan 25, 1932May 16, 1932Democratic
Huey LongMay 21, 1928Jan 25, 1932Democratic
Oramel H. SimpsonOct 11, 1926May 21, 1928Democratic
Henry L. FuquaMay 19, 1924Oct 11, 1926Democratic
John M. ParkerMay 17, 1920May 19, 1924Democratic
Ruffin G. PleasantMay 15, 1916May 17, 1920Democratic
Luther E. HallMay 20, 1912May 15, 1916Democratic
Jared Y. Sanders Sr.May 18, 1908May 20, 1912Democratic
Newton C. BlanchardMay 16, 1904May 18, 1908Democratic
William Wright HeardMay 21, 1900May 16, 1904Democratic
Murphy J. FosterMay 16, 1892May 21, 1900Democratic
Francis T. NichollsMay 21, 1888May 16, 1892Democratic
Samuel D. McEneryOct 16, 1881May 21, 1888Democratic
Louis A. WiltzJan 14, 1880Oct 16, 1881Democratic
Stephen B. PackardJan 8, 1877Apr 25, 1877Republican
Francis T. NichollsJan 8, 1877Jan 14, 1880Democratic
John McEneryJan 13, 1873May 22, 1873Democratic
William Pitt KelloggJan 13, 1873Jan 8, 1877Republican
P. B. S. PinchbackDec 9, 1872Jan 13, 1873Republican
Henry C. WarmothJun 27, 1868Dec 9, 1872Republican
Joshua BakerJan 8, 1868Jun 27, 1868Democratic
Benjamin FlandersJun 6, 1867Jan 2, 1868Republican
James Madison WellsMar 4, 1865Jun 3, 1867Republican
Michael HahnMar 4, 1864Mar 4, 1865Republican
Henry Watkins AllenJan 25, 1864Jun 2, 1865Democratic
George Foster ShepleyJun 2, 1862Mar 4, 1864Military
Thomas Overton MooreJan 23, 1860Jan 25, 1864Democratic
Robert C. WickliffeJan 28, 1856Jan 23, 1860Democratic
Paul Octave HébertJan 18, 1853Jan 28, 1856Democratic
Joseph Marshall WalkerJan 28, 1850Jan 18, 1853Democratic
Isaac JohnsonFeb 12, 1846Jan 28, 1850Democratic
Alexandre MoutonJan 30, 1843Feb 12, 1846Democratic
Andre B. RomanFeb 4, 1839Jan 30, 1843Whig
Edward Douglass White Sr.Feb 2, 1835Feb 4, 1839Whig
Andre B. RomanJan 31, 1831Feb 2, 1835National Republican
Jacques DupréJan 14, 1830Jan 31, 1831National Republican
Armand BeauvaisOct 6, 1829Jan 14, 1830National Republican
Pierre DerbignyDec 15, 1828Oct 6, 1829National Republican
Henry JohnsonDec 13, 1824Dec 15, 1828Democratic-Republican
Henry S. ThibodauxNov 15, 1824Dec 13, 1824National Republican
Thomas B. RobertsonDec 18, 1820Nov 15, 1824Democratic-Republican
Jacques VilleréDec 17, 1816Dec 18, 1820Democratic-Republican
William C. C. ClaiborneJul 30, 1812Dec 17, 1816Democratic-Republican
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History of Louisiana Governors

Louisiana was admitted to the United States in 1812, and the first governor of the state was William C. C. Claiborne. Representing the Democratic-Republican Party, Claiborne served as governor for four years before being replaced by a fellow Democratic-Republican Party official. Many political parties have held office in Louisiana as governor, including the Democratic-Republican Party, Whig Party, National Republican Party, and the Military Party.

It is easy to see that Democratic political parties have a stronghold in Louisiana politics, serving as governor. A long line of Democratic governors served office between 1877 and 1980, without a single interruption in power. Breaking the line of succession was Dave Treen, a Republican, who served as governor from 1980 until 1984. Although Republicans occasionally hold the governor's office position in Louisiana, Democratic governors are the norm.

Current Louisiana Governor

John Bel Edwards currently serves as the governor of Louisiana. He represents the Democratic Party, continuing the long line of Democrats to help manage this state. Edwards was elected in 2016 but previously served as a member of the House of Representatives for Louisiana. He is also a veteran, formally serving in the 82nd Airborne Division.

Current Governor
John Bel Edwards
Governor Since
Jan 11, 2016
# of Governors Since Statehood

Which party is the current governor of Louisiana?

The current governor of Louisiana is John Bel Edwards, a Democrat.

How many governors has Louisiana had?

There have been 56 governors of Louisiana, 35 Democrats, 10 Republicans, and 11 from other parties.

When was the last Democratic governor in Louisiana?

The last Democratic governor in Louisiana is John Bel Edwards, who has served from 2016 to the present day.

When was the last Republican governor in Louisiana?

The last Republican governor in Louisiana was Bobby Jindal, who served from 2008 to 2016.

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