Governors of New Jersey

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Term Start
Term End
Phil MurphyJan 16, 2018-Democratic
Chris ChristieJan 19, 2010Jan 16, 2018Republican
Jon CorzineJan 17, 2006Jan 19, 2010Democratic
Richard CodeyNov 15, 2004Jan 17, 2006Democratic
Jim McGreeveyJan 15, 2002Nov 15, 2004Democratic
Richard CodeyJan 12, 2002Jan 15, 2002Democratic
John Farmer Jr.Jan 8, 2002Jan 8, 2002Republican
John O. BennettJan 8, 2002Jan 12, 2002Republican
Donald DiFrancescoJan 31, 2001Jan 8, 2002Republican
Christine Todd WhitmanJan 18, 1994Jan 31, 2001Republican
James FlorioJan 16, 1990Jan 18, 1994Democratic
Thomas KeanJan 19, 1982Jan 16, 1990Republican
Brendan ByrneJan 15, 1974Jan 19, 1982Democratic
William T. CahillJan 20, 1970Jan 15, 1974Republican
Richard J. HughesJan 16, 1962Jan 20, 1970Democratic
Robert B. MeynerJan 19, 1954Jan 16, 1962Democratic
Alfred E. DriscollJan 21, 1947Jan 19, 1954Republican
Walter Evans EdgeJan 18, 1944Jan 21, 1947Republican
Charles EdisonJan 21, 1941Jan 18, 1944Democratic
A. Harry MooreJan 18, 1938Jan 21, 1941Democratic
Harold G. HoffmanJan 15, 1935Jan 18, 1938Republican
Horace Griggs PrallJan 8, 1935Jan 15, 1935Republican
Clifford Ross PowellJan 3, 1935Jan 8, 1935Republican
A. Harry MooreJan 19, 1932Jan 3, 1935Democratic
Morgan Foster LarsonJan 15, 1929Jan 19, 1932Republican
A. Harry MooreJan 19, 1926Jan 15, 1929Democratic
George Sebastian SilzerJan 15, 1923Jan 19, 1926Democratic
Edward I. EdwardsJan 20, 1920Jan 15, 1923Democratic
Clarence E. CaseJan 13, 1920Jan 20, 1920Republican
William Nelson RunyonMay 16, 1919Jan 13, 1920Republican
Walter Evans EdgeJan 16, 1917May 16, 1919Republican
James Fairman FielderJan 20, 1914Jan 16, 1917Democratic
Leon R. TaylorOct 28, 1913Jan 20, 1914Democratic
James Fairman FielderMar 1, 1913Oct 28, 1913Democratic
Woodrow WilsonJan 17, 1911Mar 1, 1913Democratic
John Franklin FortJan 21, 1908Jan 17, 1911Republican
Edward C. StokesJan 17, 1905Jan 21, 1908Republican
Franklin MurphyJan 21, 1902Jan 17, 1905Republican
Foster McGowan VoorheesJan 17, 1899Jan 21, 1902Republican
David Ogden WatkinsOct 18, 1898Jan 17, 1899Republican
Foster McGowan VoorheesJan 31, 1898Oct 18, 1898Republican
John W. GriggsJan 21, 1896Jan 31, 1898Republican
George Theodore WertsJan 17, 1893Jan 21, 1896Democratic
Leon AbbettJan 21, 1890Jan 17, 1893Democratic
Robert Stockton GreenJan 18, 1887Jan 21, 1890Democratic
Leon AbbettJan 15, 1884Jan 18, 1887Democratic
George C. LudlowJan 18, 1881Jan 15, 1884Democratic
George B. McClellanJan 15, 1878Jan 18, 1881Democratic
Joseph D. BedleJan 19, 1875Jan 15, 1878Democratic
Joel ParkerJan 16, 1872Jan 19, 1875Democratic
Theodore Fitz RandolphJan 19, 1869Jan 16, 1872Democratic
Marcus Lawrence WardJan 16, 1866Jan 19, 1869Republican
Joel ParkerJan 20, 1863Jan 16, 1866Democratic
Charles Smith OldenJan 17, 1860Jan 20, 1863Republican
William A. NewellJan 20, 1857Jan 17, 1860Republican
Rodman M. PriceJan 17, 1854Jan 20, 1857Democratic
George Franklin FortJan 21, 1851Jan 17, 1854Democratic
Daniel HainesJan 18, 1848Jan 21, 1851Democratic
Charles C. StrattonJan 21, 1845Jan 18, 1848Whig
Daniel HainesOct 27, 1843Jan 21, 1845Democratic
William PenningtonOct 27, 1837Oct 27, 1843Whig
Philemon DickersonNov 3, 1836Oct 27, 1837Democratic
Peter Dumont VroomOct 25, 1833Nov 3, 1836Democratic
Elias P. SeeleyFeb 27, 1833Oct 25, 1833Whig
Samuel L. SouthardOct 26, 1832Feb 27, 1833Whig
Peter Dumont VroomNov 6, 1829Oct 26, 1832Democratic
Isaac Halstead WilliamsonFeb 6, 1817Oct 30, 1829
Mahlon DickersonOct 26, 1815Feb 1, 1817Democratic-Republican
William KennedyJun 19, 1815Oct 26, 1815Democratic-Republican
William Sanford PenningtonOct 29, 1813Jun 19, 1815Democratic-Republican
Aaron OgdenOct 29, 1812Oct 29, 1813Federalist
Joseph BloomfieldOct 29, 1803Oct 29, 1812Democratic-Republican
John LambertOct 28, 1802Oct 29, 1803Democratic-Republican
Joseph BloomfieldOct 31, 1801Oct 28, 1802Democratic-Republican
Richard HowellJun 3, 1793Oct 31, 1801Federalist
Thomas HendersonMar 30, 1793Jun 3, 1793Federalist
William PatersonOct 29, 1790Mar 30, 1793Federalist
Elisha LawrenceJul 25, 1790Oct 29, 1790Federalist
William LivingstonAug 31, 1776Jul 25, 1790Federalist
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New Jersey was one of the original 13 colonies and has had one of the longest histories of governors in the United States. Since the birth of the United States, New Jersey has had a total of 68 governors. The current governor is Phil Murphy, and he recently won re-election. He has been in office since 2018. He is a member of the Democratic Party, and he is the first Democratic governor to win re-election since Brendan Byrne in 1974.

When Was Chris Christie the Governor of New Jersey?

Even though New Jersey is a deep blue state, it has had a Republican governor recently. Chris Christie served as the governor of New Jersey from 2010 to 2018, and he was a staunch member of the Republican Party. He also participated in the Republican primaries in an effort to win the Republican Party’s bid for the Presidency, but he did not make it through the primaries to win the nomination. He was also known for coordinating New Jersey's response to Hurricane Sandy, one of the most devastating hurricanes in the history of the United States.

How Many Republican Governors Has New Jersey Had?

Prior to Chris Christie, a Democratic governor held the office for a total of eight years. Richard Cody, Jim McGreevey, Richard Cooley, and Jon Corzine held the office of the Governor from 2002 to 2010. Prior to 2002, a Republican held the office of the governor of New Jersey from 1994 to 2002. Therefore, even though New Jersey is a very blue state, the state has had its fair share of Republican governors. Even though Chris Christie and Phil Murphy both won re-election, it has been unusual for someone to win a second term as the governor of New Jersey. The office tends to go to somebody else after one term.

Current Governor
Phil Murphy
Governor Since
Jan 16, 2018
# of Governors Since Statehood

Which party is the current governor of New Jersey?

The current governor of New Jersey is Phil Murphy, a Democrat.

How many governors has New Jersey had?

There have been 68 governors of New Jersey, 28 Democrats, 24 Republicans, and 16 from other parties.

When was the last Democratic governor in New Jersey?

The last Democratic governor in New Jersey is Phil Murphy, who has served from 2018 to the present day.

When was the last Republican governor in New Jersey?

The last Republican governor in New Jersey was Chris Christie, who served from 2010 to 2018.

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