Pennsylvania State Flag

What does the flag of Pennsylvania look like? The Pennsylvanian flag is blue with the state coat of arms in the center. The coat of arms is a shield between two horses and with an eagle on top. Pennsylvania's flag was officially adopted in 1907 as the civil and state flag.

Meaning of the Flag

Like many other state flags in the United States, the flag of Pennsylvania features the state’s coat of arms. This coat of arms has multiple features that each have their own symbolism. A ship on the flag represents the state’s commerce going to all parts of the world. There is a plough that represents the natural resources of the state. There are also three sheaves of wheats that symbolize the fields of Pennsylvania. The wheat also represents the human thought and action of state citizen. The olive branch and cornstalk represent peace and prosperity, respectively. The bald eagle represents the state’s loyalty to the county. Finally, the state motto, “Virtue Liberty and Independence,” is featured on the flag.

Colors of the Flag

The primary color of the flag is blue, which makes up the field. Centered on the blue field is the state’s coat of arms, which features many different colors, including black, white, yellow and red.

History of the Flag

The state coat of arms was first adopted in 1778. It wasn’t until 1799 when the flag was authorized by the state. However, the design has changed over the years, and the current design was not put into law until 1907. Since that time, the flag has remained unchanged in its design.

In 2005, a bill was brought to state legislature that would add “Pennsylvania” to the bottom of the flag. The bill was approved by the House of Representatives. However, the Senate has not voted or taken any action, therefore, the flag has remained unchanged.

Flag Facts

The coat of arms is embroidered—not printed—on Pennsylvania’s state flag.

Blue, Brown, Gold, Red


Blue background with the state coat of arms in the center
Pennsylvania Flag

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