Governors of Pennsylvania

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Term Start
Term End
Thomas MifflinDec 21, 1790Dec 17, 1799None
Thomas McKeanDec 17, 1799Dec 20, 1808Democratic-Republican
Simon SnyderDec 20, 1808Dec 16, 1817Democratic-Republican
William FindlayDec 16, 1817Dec 19, 1820Democratic-Republican
Joseph HiesterDec 19, 1820Dec 16, 1823Democratic-Republican
John Andrew ShulzeDec 16, 1823Dec 15, 1829Democratic-Republican
George WolfDec 15, 1829Dec 15, 1835Democratic
Joseph RitnerDec 15, 1835Jan 15, 1839Anti-Masonic
David R. PorterJan 15, 1839Jan 21, 1845Democratic
Francis R. ShunkJan 21, 1845Jul 9, 1848Democratic
Office vacantJul 9, 1848Jul 26, 1848
William F. JohnstonJul 26, 1848Jan 20, 1852Whig
William BiglerJan 20, 1852Jan 16, 1855Democratic
James PollockJan 16, 1855Jan 19, 1858Whig
William F. PackerJan 19, 1858Jan 15, 1861Democratic
Andrew Gregg CurtinJan 15, 1861Jan 15, 1867Republican
John W. GearyJan 15, 1867Jan 21, 1873Republican
John F. HartranftJan 21, 1873Jan 21, 1879Republican
Henry M. HoytJan 21, 1879Jan 16, 1883Republican
Robert E. PattisonJan 16, 1883Jan 18, 1887Democratic
James A. BeaverJan 18, 1887Jan 20, 1891Republican
Robert E. PattisonJan 20, 1891Jan 15, 1895Democratic
Daniel H. HastingsJan 15, 1895Jan 17, 1899Republican
William A. StoneJan 17, 1899Jan 20, 1903Republican
Samuel W. PennypackerJan 20, 1903Jan 15, 1907Republican
Edwin Sydney StuartJan 15, 1907Jan 17, 1911Republican
John K. TenerJan 17, 1911Jan 19, 1915Republican
Martin Grove BrumbaughJan 19, 1915Jan 21, 1919Republican
William Cameron SproulJan 21, 1919Jan 16, 1923Republican
Gifford PinchotJan 16, 1923Jan 18, 1927Republican
John Stuchell FisherJan 18, 1927Jan 20, 1931Republican
Gifford PinchotJan 20, 1931Jan 15, 1935Republican
George Howard Earle IIIJan 15, 1935Jan 17, 1939Democratic
Arthur JamesJan 17, 1939Jan 19, 1943Republican
Edward MartinJan 19, 1943Jan 2, 1947Republican
John C. Bell Jr.Jan 2, 1947Jan 21, 1947Republican
James H. DuffJan 21, 1947Jan 16, 1951Republican
John S. FineJan 16, 1951Jan 18, 1955Republican
George M. LeaderJan 18, 1955Jan 20, 1959Democratic
David L. LawrenceJan 20, 1959Jan 15, 1963Democratic
William ScrantonJan 15, 1963Jan 17, 1967Republican
Ray ShaferJan 17, 1967Jan 19, 1971Republican
Milton ShappJan 19, 1971Jan 16, 1979Democratic
Dick ThornburghJan 16, 1979Jan 20, 1987Republican
Bob Casey Sr.Jan 20, 1987Jan 17, 1995Democratic
Tom RidgeJan 17, 1995Oct 5, 2001Republican
Mark SchweikerOct 5, 2001Jan 21, 2003Republican
Ed RendellJan 21, 2003Jan 18, 2011Democratic
Tom CorbettJan 18, 2011Jan 20, 2015Republican
Tom WolfJan 20, 2015Jan 20, 2023Democratic
Josh ShapiroJan 20, 2023-Democratic
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Who Is the Current Governor of Pennsylvania?

Josh Shapiro, is the 48th person to hold the title of Governor of Pennsylvania, and the current governor of the Keystone State too. Pennsylvania, which holds the distinction of being the second state in the U.S., is also home to approximately 13 million people. Pennsylvania governors should also be well acquainted with the attention that comes with governing one of the more prominent states on the political landscape. Pennsylvania governors have an important role, both locally and nationally, but recent history suggests a strong future for this historic State. That is also good news for the current and future governors to take the mantle and for the people of Pennsylvania.

What Political Party Has Had More Governors?

A common battleground state during the Presidential elections, the entire nation is often paying attention to the state of Pennsylvania. The party that wins the governorship in Pennsylvania often goes reflects the general voting patterns of the majority of the country's voters. Pennsylvania's economic status is often viewed as a litmus test for the political party in power. As a result of this battleground status, there has been a fairly balanced number of Republican and Democratic governors. Before Shapiro took office in 2023, Democrat Tom Wolf served two terms, following one-term Republican governor Tom Corbett.

Who Was the First Governor of Pennsylvania?

Because Pennsylvania was the second U.S. state, it has a long history of governors. Thomas Wharton was the state's first governor from 1776 to 1778. The most famous governor is the state's sixth; Benjamin Franklin served as the governor of Pennsylvania from 1785 to 1788.

Current Governor
Josh Shapiro
Governor Since
Jan 20, 2023
# of Governors Since Statehood

Governors of Pennsylvania

Which party is the current governor of Pennsylvania?

The current governor of Pennsylvania is Josh Shapiro, a Democrat.

How many governors has Pennsylvania had?

There have been 49 governors of Pennsylvania, 14 Democrats, 25 Republicans, and 10 from other parties.

When was the last Democratic governor in Pennsylvania?

The last Democratic governor in Pennsylvania is Josh Shapiro, who has served from 2023 to the present day.

When was the last Republican governor in Pennsylvania?

The last Republican governor in Pennsylvania was Tom Corbett, who served from 2011 to 2015.

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