Rhode Island State Flag

Meaning of the Flag

The flag of Rhode Island features an anchor that symbolizes hope. Surrounding the anchor are thirteen stars that represent both the original 13 colonies and Rhode Island’s role as the 13th state to ratify the Constitution. There is a ribbon below the anchor that has the state’s motto, “Hope.”

Colors of the Flag

The flag of Rhode Island features three colors: gold, white and blue. The background of the flag is white, and anchor and 13 five-pointed stars are gold. The ribbon below the anchor is blue, while the word “Hope” is spelled out in gold letters. Sometimes, the flag is decorated with golden fringe around its edges.

History of the Flag

The anchor and the word “hope” have held significant meaning to the state of Island dating back as far as the 1640s. Both of these symbols were used on the Rhode Island Seal. It is thought that these symbols were inspired by a verse in the bible that says, “hope we have as an anchor in the soul.” The flag that is flown today was originally adopted on November 1, 1897. No changes have been made to the flag in over 100 years.

Flag Facts

A flag known as the Rhode Island Regiment is flown throughout the state. This is often displayed along with the current flag, while some simply fly this flag. This flag features a blue canton with thirteen gold stars and a blue anchor with a ribbon reading “hope” on a white background.

White, Gold, Blue


White background with a gold anchor in the center and 13 gold stars around with a blue banner that reads "hope
Rhode Island Flag

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