Tennessee State Flag

Meaning of the Flag

One of the most prominent features of the Tennessee state flag are the three five-pointed stars located in the center. These stars symbolize the Grand Divisions of Tennessee, which are West Tennessee, East Tennessee and Middle Tennessee. There is a circle around the three stars that are representative of the unity between these three Grand Divisions. There is also a bar placed on the edge of the flag. However, there is no significance in this bar, as it was added just for aesthetic purposes.

Colors of the Flag

There are three colors used in the Tennessee state flag: red, white and blue. The rectangular field is red. In the center of the flag are three white five-pointed stars. These stars are housed inside a blue circle trimmed with a strip of white. On the edge of the flag is a thin white horizontal stripe and a wider blue horizontal stripe.

History of the Flag

The first flag of Tennessee was proposed in 1861 ahead of the Civil War. This flag was based on the First National Flag of the CSA and featured the state seal. The next flag was a tricolor flag in the colors of red, white and blue. The flag also included the number 16 as well as the text, “The Volunteer State.” The modern flag that is currently in use today was first designed in 1905. This flag was designed by Colonel LeRoy Reeves, an attorney and member of the Tennessee National Guard. The flag was officially adopted by the state on April 17, 1905. It has remained unchanged ever since.

Flag Facts

The central emblem of the Tennessee state flag is featured in logos on companies and sports teams throughout Tennessee. That includes the NFL football team the Tennessee Titans and the NHL team the Nashville Predators.

Red, White, Blue
Designed by
LeRoy Reeves


Red background with a vertical blue line on the far right edge and a blue circle outlined in white, with three white stars in the center

Tennessee State Flag

Tennessee Flag

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