Governors of Tennessee

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Term Start
Term End
John SevierMar 30, 1796Sep 23, 1801Democratic-Republican
Archibald RoaneSep 23, 1801Sep 23, 1803Democratic-Republican
John SevierSep 23, 1803Sep 20, 1809Democratic-Republican
Willie BlountSep 20, 1809Sep 27, 1815Democratic-Republican
Joseph McMinnSep 27, 1815Oct 1, 1821Democratic-Republican
William CarrollOct 1, 1821Oct 1, 1827Democratic-Republican
Sam HoustonOct 1, 1827Apr 16, 1829Democratic-Republican
William HallApr 16, 1829Oct 1, 1829Democratic
William CarrollOct 1, 1829Oct 12, 1835Democratic
Newton CannonOct 12, 1835Oct 14, 1839Whig
James K. PolkOct 14, 1839Oct 15, 1841Democratic
James C. JonesOct 15, 1841Oct 14, 1845Whig
Aaron V. BrownOct 14, 1845Oct 17, 1847Democratic
Neill S. BrownOct 17, 1847Oct 16, 1849Whig
William TrousdaleOct 16, 1849Oct 16, 1851Democratic
William B. CampbellOct 16, 1851Oct 17, 1853Whig
Andrew JohnsonOct 17, 1853Nov 3, 1857Democratic
Isham G. HarrisNov 3, 1857Mar 12, 1862Democratic
Andrew JohnsonMar 12, 1862Mar 4, 1865Unionist/Military
Edward H. EastMar 4, 1865Apr 5, 1865Republican
William G. BrownlowApr 5, 1865Feb 25, 1869Republican
Dewitt Clinton SenterFeb 25, 1869Oct 10, 1871Republican
John C. BrownOct 10, 1871Jan 18, 1875Democratic
James D. PorterJan 18, 1875Feb 16, 1879Democratic
Albert S. MarksFeb 16, 1879Jan 17, 1881Democratic
Alvin HawkinsJan 17, 1881Jan 15, 1883Republican
William B. BateJan 15, 1883Jan 17, 1887Democratic
Robert Love TaylorJan 17, 1887Jan 19, 1891Democratic
John P. BuchananJan 19, 1891Jan 16, 1893Democratic
Peter TurneyJan 16, 1893Jan 21, 1897Democratic
Robert Love TaylorJan 21, 1897Jan 16, 1899Democratic
Benton McMillinJan 16, 1899Jan 19, 1903Democratic
James B. FrazierJan 19, 1903Mar 21, 1905Democratic
John I. CoxMar 21, 1905Jan 17, 1907Democratic
Malcolm R. PattersonJan 17, 1907Jan 26, 1911Democratic
Ben W. HooperJan 26, 1911Jan 17, 1915Republican
Thomas C. RyeJan 17, 1915Jan 15, 1919Democratic
Albert H. RobertsJan 15, 1919Jan 15, 1921Democratic
Alfred A. TaylorJan 15, 1921Jan 16, 1923Republican
Austin PeayJan 16, 1923Oct 3, 1927Democratic
Henry Hollis HortonOct 3, 1927Jan 17, 1933Democratic
Hill McAlisterJan 17, 1933Jan 15, 1937Democratic
Gordon BrowningJan 15, 1937Jan 16, 1939Democratic
Prentice CooperJan 16, 1939Jan 16, 1945Democratic
Jim Nance McCordJan 16, 1945Jan 16, 1949Democratic
Gordon BrowningJan 16, 1949Jan 15, 1953Democratic
Frank G. ClementJan 15, 1953Jan 19, 1959Democratic
Buford EllingtonJan 19, 1959Jan 15, 1963Democratic
Frank G. ClementJan 15, 1963Jan 16, 1967Democratic
Buford EllingtonJan 16, 1967Jan 16, 1971Democratic
Winfield DunnJan 16, 1971Jan 18, 1975Republican
Ray BlantonJan 18, 1975Jan 17, 1979Democratic
Lamar AlexanderJan 20, 1979Jan 17, 1987Republican
Ned McWherterJan 17, 1987Jan 21, 1995Democratic
Don SundquistJan 21, 1995Jan 18, 2003Republican
Phil BredesenJan 18, 2003Jan 15, 2011Democratic
Bill HaslamJan 15, 2011Jan 19, 2019Republican
Bill LeeJan 19, 2019-Republican
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Located in the southeastern United States, Tennessee is considered to be one of the bastions of the Republican party, and this is certainly reflected in its history of governors. Tennessee has had a total of 51 governors since it was admitted to the United States, and the current governor is Bill Lee. He is a member of the Republican Party, and he has served as the governor of Tennessee since 2019. Even though he has had to address a variety of topics during his time, the biggest issue he has had to deal with is the Coronavirus pandemic.

Who Was the Last Governor of TN From the Democratic Party?

The last governor of Tennessee from the Democratic party was Phil Bredesen. He served two terms as the governor of Tennessee from 2003 to 2011. After that, Bill Haslam took over as the governor of Tennessee from 2011 to 2019, and he was a member of the Republican party. Then, Billy took over after Bill Haslam finished out his second term. Governors in Tennessee are limited to two terms. In the middle of the twentieth century, Tennessee actually had a run of several consecutive Democratic party governors in a row.

Who Was the First Governor of TN?

Even though Tennessee was not one of the original 13 colonies, it was one of the first states to join the United States. The very first governor of Tennessee was John Sevier. He served as the governor of Tennessee from 1796 to 1801, and he was a member of the Democratic-Republican party. That large party held the governor’s office for several decades, with the first seven governors of Tennessee all coming from the Democratic-Republican party. In the early 19th century, many governors served for six years, but now the governor of Tennessee serves for a four-year term.

Current Governor
Bill Lee
Governor Since
Jan 19, 2019
# of Governors Since Statehood

Governors of Tennessee

Which party is the current governor of Tennessee?

The current governor of Tennessee is Bill Lee, a Republican.

How many governors has Tennessee had?

There have been 51 governors of Tennessee, 31 Democrats, 11 Republicans, and 11 from other parties.

When was the last Republican governor in Tennessee?

The last Republican governor in Tennessee is Bill Lee, who has served from 2019 to the present day.

When was the last Democrat governor in Tennessee?

The last Democrat governor in Tennessee was Phil Bredesen, who served from 2003 to 2011.

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