Governors of Utah

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Term Start
Term End
Spencer CoxJan 4, 2021-Republican
Gary HerbertAug 11, 2009Jan 4, 2021Republican
Jon Huntsman Jr.Jan 3, 2005Aug 11, 2009Republican
Olene WalkerNov 5, 2003Jan 3, 2005Republican
Mike LeavittJan 4, 1993Nov 5, 2003Republican
Norman H. BangerterJan 7, 1985Jan 4, 1993Republican
Scott M. MathesonJan 3, 1977Jan 7, 1985Democratic
Calvin L. RamptonJan 4, 1965Jan 3, 1977Democratic
George Dewey ClydeJan 7, 1957Jan 4, 1965Republican
J. Bracken LeeJan 3, 1949Jan 7, 1957Republican
Herbert B. MawJan 6, 1941Jan 3, 1949Democratic
Henry H. BloodJan 2, 1933Jan 6, 1941Democratic
George DernJan 5, 1925Jan 2, 1933Democratic
Charles R. MabeyJan 3, 1921Jan 5, 1925Republican
Simon BambergerJan 1, 1917Jan 3, 1921Democratic
William SpryJan 4, 1909Jan 1, 1917Republican
John Christopher CutlerJan 2, 1905Jan 4, 1909Republican
Heber Manning WellsJan 6, 1896Jan 2, 1905Republican

Utah is a state that is known for its deep connection to religion, its beautiful ski resorts, and its connection to Native American heritage. Much of Utah's natural beauty is connected directly to the leadership of the governor. As a result, some people are wondering who the current governor of Utah is. Who is the governor of Utah, and how long is he or she able to serve?

The Current Governor of Utah Is Spencer Cox

The current governor of Utah is Spencer James Cox. Officially, he is the 18th governor of Utah. He is a member of the Republican party, and he served as the lieutenant governor from 2013 to 2021. There, he learned the ropes of what it means to be governor in Utah, and he was elected to the governor's mansion after serving as a lieutenant governor. In 2013, Spencer Cox was picked by the governor of Utah to replace the lieutenant governor. He was then confirmed to the office by the United States Senate. Since he took over as governor, he has had to deal with a variety of problems, including rising food prices and inflation concerns.

Who Was the First Governor of Utah?

Since Utah joined the union, there have been 18 governors. The very first governor of Utah was Brigham Young. There is a university named after him in Utah. He was appointed governor of Utah in 1851 by Millard Fillmore. He served a total of 6 years, leaving office in 1857. Since that time, there have been 17 other governors of Utah. Every Governor has presided over an expansion of the state. The governor of Utah traditionally resides in the governor's mansion; however, this is not always the case. Under the leadership of multiple Governors, Utah has become one of the most important states in the Union.

Current Governor
Spencer Cox
Governor Since
Jan 4, 2021
# of Governors Since Statehood

Which party is the current governor of Utah?

The current governor of Utah is Spencer Cox, a Republican.

How many governors has Utah had?

There have been 18 governors of Utah, 6 Democrats, 12 Republicans, and 0 from other parties.

When was the last Republican governor in Utah?

The last Republican governor in Utah is Spencer Cox, who has served from 2021 to the present day.

When was the last Democrat governor in Utah?

The last Democrat governor in Utah was Scott M. Matheson, who served from 1977 to 1985.

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