There are 28 zip codes in San Francisco County, California. The most populated is 94112, located in San Francisco. * 2024 populations estimated based on the latest ACS 5-year data.

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Zip Code
9411280,880San Francisco
9411069,679San Francisco
9412259,453San Francisco
9410956,333San Francisco
9411643,903San Francisco
9412143,304San Francisco
9413440,738San Francisco
9411840,108San Francisco
9411739,496San Francisco
9412437,347San Francisco
9410234,077San Francisco
9411433,858San Francisco
9411533,299San Francisco
9410332,400San Francisco
9410730,340San Francisco
9413128,705San Francisco
9413227,641San Francisco
9413325,460San Francisco
9412324,721San Francisco
9412721,184San Francisco
9410513,722San Francisco
9410812,070San Francisco
9415810,205San Francisco
941114,468San Francisco
941293,952San Francisco
941303,136San Francisco
94104557San Francisco
94188San Francisco
showing: 28 rows

Zip Codes in San Francisco County, California by Population (2024)