There are 33 cities in Trinity County, California.

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2024 Population
2020 Census
Annual Change
Density (mi²)
Area (mi²)
Monticello2New York7,1997,243-0.59%1,7694.07
Liberty3New York5,0085,023-1.32%1,9112.62
Weaverville4California3,5823,308 34410.42
Hayfork5California3,2272,586 4572.10
Rock Hill6New York2,3842,204 6803.51
Lewiston7California2,2181,481 11120.02
South Fallsburg8New York1,9381,312 3265.95
Scottville9Michigan1,3671,353 9171.49
Junction City10California1,195754 4327.90
Lemmon11South Dakota1,1281,161-0.7%1,0901.03
Douglas City12California1,103678 4425.04
Wurtsboro13New York1,0611,086-1.03%8491.25
Bloomingburg14New York971986-0.82%1,4110.69
Livingston Manor15New York863928 2803.08
Woodridge16New York701709-0.71%4161.69
Smallwood17New York666619 4431.50
Trinity Village18California580248 1454.01
Roscoe19New York442489 6160.72
Jeffersonville20New York392392-0.25%9610.41
Narrowsburg21New York378372 2771.37
Hyampom22California328124 1620.27
Mad River23California322341 935.42
Bison24South Dakota296304-0.67%2980.99
Hortonville26New York282269 3730.76
Coffee Creek27California278187 2411.52
Trinity Center28California250265 485.23
Burnt Ranch29California228185 1713.38
Callicoon30New York225559 6280.36
Free Soil32Michigan1551510.65%1491.04
Ruth33California151213 438.84
showing: 33 rows

Cities in Trinity County, California by Population (2024)

What is the largest city in Trinity County, California?

Ludington is the largest city in Trinity County.

What is the smallest city in Trinity County, California?

Ruth is the smallest city in Trinity County.

How many cities are in Trinity County?

There are 33 cities in Trinity County, California.

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