There are 35 cities in Warren County, New Jersey.

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2024 Population
2020 Census
Annual Change
Density (mi²)
Area (mi²)
Phillipsburg1New Jersey15,41615,2250.31%4,8313.19
Hackettstown2New Jersey10,33810,2291.02%2,8623.61
Beattystown3New Jersey5,0404,550 1,6653.03
Panther Valley4New Jersey4,5623,937 1,5282.99
Greenwich5New Jersey2,8662,747 3,1600.91
Belvidere6New Jersey2,5462,5150.24%1,7571.45
Alpha7New Jersey2,3542,3250.21%1,4001.68
Upper Pohatcong8New Jersey1,7731,774 2,7450.65
Brass Castle9New Jersey1,4711,629 5012.94
Oxford10New Jersey1,2491,285 1,8100.69
Brookfield11New Jersey774956 3,5830.22
Vienna12New Jersey7661,018 2622.92
Lopatcong Overlook13New Jersey718740 1,9730.36
Anderson14New Jersey664394 7460.89
Stewartsville15New Jersey616549 4,7750.13
Mountain Lake16New Jersey543565 4821.13
New Village17New Jersey474539 4990.95
Johnsonburg18New Jersey470363 2,3980.20
Delaware Park19New Jersey344331 1,4040.24
Upper Stewartsville20New Jersey344380 4,9140.07
Finesville21New Jersey331272 1,0180.33
Harmony22New Jersey329410 2931.12
Great Meadows23New Jersey310264 2031.53
Blairstown24New Jersey267268 6730.40
Bridgeville25New Jersey257311 1,3460.19
Mount Hermon26New Jersey230163 4830.48
Port Colden27New Jersey22582 1,1030.20
Hope28New Jersey219153 3570.61
Columbia29New Jersey209143 2,0900.10
Asbury30New Jersey203207 2930.69
Brainards31New Jersey166189 9020.18
Hutchinson32New Jersey115122 8330.14
Buttzville33New Jersey10357 3650.28
Broadway34New Jersey37183 1000.37
Port Murray35New Jersey2160.17
showing: 35 rows

Cities in Warren County, New Jersey by Population (2024)

What is the largest city in Warren County, New Jersey?

Phillipsburg is the largest city in Warren County.

What is the smallest city in Warren County, New Jersey?

Port Murray is the smallest city in Warren County.

How many cities are in Warren County?

There are 35 cities in Warren County, New Jersey.

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