There are 38 cities in Jefferson County, New York.

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2024 Population
2020 Census
Annual Change
Density (mi²)
Area (mi²)
Watertown1New York23,98324,568-0.97%2,6559.03
Fort Drum2New York16,29813,034 1,13614.34
Calcium3New York3,6223,548 6475.59
Carthage4New York3,2313,318-1.07%1,3322.42
West Carthage5New York1,7431,768-0.68%1,3371.30
Clayton6New York1,6831,732-1.06%1,0511.60
Adams7New York1,6651,688-0.66%1,1521.45
Sackets Harbor8New York1,3581,375-0.66%5892.31
Black River9New York1,2301,262-0.97%6911.78
Great Bend10New York1,2081,329 2095.77
Philadelphia11New York1,1431,172-0.95%1,1930.96
Adams Center12New York1,0221,000 2104.86
Dexter13New York1,0001,012-0.5%1,5040.67
Alexandria Bay14New York944956-0.63%1,2600.75
Brownville15New York932944-0.64%1,4940.62
Pamelia Center16New York770441 7401.04
Theresa17New York741760-1.07%5871.26
Cape Vincent18New York724734-0.69%1,0300.70
Evans Mills19New York613625-0.65%7500.82
Chaumont20New York596611-1%6060.98
La Fargeville21New York530733 1603.31
Antwerp22New York504518-1.18%5021
Glen Park23New York442444-0.45%6190.71
Felts Mills24New York430451 1,3190.33
Depauville25New York388224 409.82
Pierrepont Manor26New York369416 5520.67
Mannsville27New York317322-0.94%3530.90
Redwood28New York304483 1551.97
Belleville29New York289279 1,1420.25
Plessis30New York266370 7690.35
Deferiet31New York256258-0.39%3790.68
Henderson32New York238236 4530.53
Ellisburg33New York215214 2151
Rodman34New York193142 1,6640.12
Natural Bridge35New York179228 1271.41
Oxbow36New York118122 5760.20
Lorraine37New York11455 2370.48
Three Mile Bay38New York63182 2550.25
showing: 38 rows

Cities in Jefferson County, New York by Population (2024)

What is the largest city in Jefferson County, New York?

Watertown is the largest city in Jefferson County.

What is the smallest city in Jefferson County, New York?

Three Mile Bay is the smallest city in Jefferson County.

How many cities are in Jefferson County?

There are 38 cities in Jefferson County, New York.

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