There are 70 zip codes in Bexar County, Texas. The most populated is 78245, located in San Antonio. * 2024 populations estimated based on the latest ACS 5-year data.

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Zip Code
7824592,770San Antonio
7825476,945San Antonio
7825363,735San Antonio
7825162,064San Antonio
7824960,769San Antonio
7825059,434San Antonio
7824057,532San Antonio
7822857,172San Antonio
7822355,063San Antonio
7820751,381San Antonio
7824749,888San Antonio
7825848,344San Antonio
7823347,172San Antonio
7822745,553San Antonio
7820145,355San Antonio
7820943,184San Antonio
7823042,387San Antonio
7821642,379San Antonio
7821342,321San Antonio
7822140,272San Antonio
7823738,492San Antonio
7821837,122San Antonio
7824236,404San Antonio
7824436,234San Antonio
7823236,169San Antonio
7826035,972San Antonio
7822934,082San Antonio
7821033,413San Antonio
7821732,152San Antonio
7821131,433San Antonio
7823930,482San Antonio
7821226,911San Antonio
7825926,568San Antonio
7823825,900San Antonio
7826125,729San Antonio
7822224,866San Antonio
7821422,914San Antonio
7814822,236Universal City
7822420,965San Antonio
7825518,149San Antonio
7822016,919San Antonio
7821916,442San Antonio
7825215,624San Antonio
7822513,802San Antonio
7824813,366San Antonio
7826412,545San Antonio
7825612,195San Antonio
7820411,969San Antonio
782319,972San Antonio
782579,783San Antonio
782029,695San Antonio
780739,219Von Ormy
782368,154Jbsa Lackland
782267,357San Antonio
782635,642San Antonio
782345,534Jbsa Ft Sam Houston
782035,174San Antonio
782084,186San Antonio
782153,231San Antonio
781522,969Saint Hedwig
782352,548San Antonio
782051,741San Antonio
78243299San Antonio
781500Jbsa Randolph
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Zip Codes in Bexar County, Texas by Population (2024)