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Age of Menopause by Country 2024

When a woman reaches the end of her reproductive years, she’s officially reached menopause. For most women, this occurs between the ages of 45 and 55. However, many different variables – like genetics, medical history, and lifestyle choices – can impact the actual age of menopause for a specific woman.

The average age of menopause can vary quite a bit by country, as well, due to additional factors like socioeconomic conditions. Here’s a closer look at the differences, as well as a few of the different things that can contribute to a nation’s average menopause age.

Countries with the Highest Average Age of Menopause

The following countries are among the examples with the highest age of menopause.

Differences in the average age of menopause from one country to the next are often due to a combination of ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural factors.

Factors That Can Impact Average a Country’s Average Menopause Age

Naturally, no two women are exactly alike as far as body function goes. Each has her own unique history that involves genetics, personal choices, personal healthcare history, and more. However, the following factors are most likely to contribute to widespread trends within a country.


A woman’s ethnic background can definitely impact the age she’ll eventually reach menopause. For example, women who are Black, Latina, or Asian typically start the menopause process earliest in life as compared to other ethnicities.

Statistically, Black women have the hardest time with the process and experience the most pronounced symptoms.


The quality of a country’s healthcare, as well as its accessibility to the average person living there, also has a huge impact on how early or late women go through menopause.

Better healthcare and more widespread access to it typically correlates to a higher menopause age. Meanwhile, in developing nations where access to adequate healthcare and consistent nutrition can be limited, women may finish out their childbearing years sooner in life.

Lifestyle and Culture

Healthy lifestyle choices, nutritious diets, and low national adoption rates of habits like smoking all contribute to a country’s average menopause age, as well. In nations where the culture encourages healthy choices, active lifestyles, and nutritious food options, women have a higher chance of staying fertile longer.

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What ethnicity has early menopause?

On average, Black, Asian, and Latina women tend to start menopause the earliest. Black women tend to have the most severe symptoms.

What is the average age of menopause?

Typically, menopause begins for women between the ages of 45 and 50. The average age for menopause to begin in the US is 51.

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