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American Expats by Country 2023

While it is difficult for many Americans to understand why someone would want to leave the United States, it happens more than most probably know. In most cases, there is often more behind the reasoning than what we can see.

Reasons People Become Expats

Although there are more than 8 million expats today living overseas, the reasons can be as many and as varied as the number of people who have left the US. Chief among these reasons are family issues or concerns.

In cases where a sick parent or perhaps sibling is overseas and is unable to obtain a Visa or Passport, then some people may choose family above all else. In situations like these, it becomes evident and even understandable as to why someone would choose to become an expat.

Another reason for someone opting to take up citizenship or residency in another country is business or fortune. It is a viable reason that the lure of opportunity in a foreign endeavor could pull or persuade some to leave.

Here is an estimated look (not including ex-military personnel) of American expats by country. Not surprisingly, neighboring Canada and Mexico top the list.

Each Country's Number of Expats

Why would someone choose to leave what most Americans believe to be the greatest country on earth? Well, there are many. If there is anything we can glean from this, it is that America is truly the home of the brave and the land of the free. So free in fact, that you can even willingly choose to become an expat, and leave.

There are certainly a select few, of course, who are for whatever reason anti-American. Additionally, there is also an even more rare group of people who have had their citizenship stripped (107 people to be exact, according to reports).

Aside from these people, and the obvious family or business reasons, however, it is hard to imagine many other valid reasons for wanting to leave the land of opportunity. It also puts expats in a great minority as more people flee to the US than any other country on earth. Just ask any American, and they will tell you there are plenty of reasons for that, just don't ask an expat.

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American Expats by Country 2023

Which country has the most American expats?

The country that is home to the highest number of American expats is Mexico. 799K Americans currently live in the country.

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