Eye Color by Country 2023

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Eye color by country is not a definitive measurement. What is much easier to gauge and track, however, is eye color percentages and where those eye colors are most commonly found. So, without further ado here is a look at eye color breakdowns according to their dominance and where they are most likely to be found.

Eye Color by Country: Brown

More than half the people in the world have brown eyes. Some of the highest guesstimations suggest that nearly 80% of the world has brown eyes. While that might be a reach, it does affirm the dominance of brown eyes.

In the region of Asia and throughout Africa, dark eyes are most prominent. Light brown eyes are most commonly suggested to be prevalent in Western Asia, in addition to portions of the US and Europe.

Eye Color by Country: Blue

Those with blue eyes make up approximately 10% of all eye colors, clearly placing them in a less dominant position. It is also that rarity that has always made blue eyes something of an attraction in the Western culture.

The most prevalent place to find people with blue eyes (and where those percentages are considerably higher) is in the Scandinavian region. Europe also has pocket where people with blue eyes can be more commonly found. While the color blue is beautiful in the eyes, it is also evidence of less melanin production. Those with blue eyes are also potentially endowed with better night vision according to some experts.

Eye Color by Country: Green

Those folks with green eyes are in an even greater minority, as only an estimated 2% of the population has green eyes. Green eyes are most commonly associated with people in regions of Central, Northern, and Western Europe.

Eye Color by Country: Hazel

Roughly 5% of the world's population can claim having hazel eyes. While those with hazel eyes are more scattered around the globe, they can most commonly be found in Europe and the US.

Eye Color by Country: Amber

Like hazel, those with amber eye colors also make up around 5% of all eye colors in the world. There is no one distinct area where amber is considered more prominent, and those with amber eye colors can be found in countries around the globe.

Eye Color by Country: Gray

The least common eye color on the planet is gray, with less than 1% of the world claiming gray eyes. Those who can, however, are more commonly going to be found in parts of Eastern and Northern Europe.

Eye Color by Country 2023

Eye Color by Country 2023