Chios Population 2024

Where Is Chios Located?

Chios is a Greek island situated in the Aegean Sea. It is in the northern reaches of the sea, and it is the fifth-largest Greek island. The Chios straight is responsible for separating the island from Turkey. The island is in the shape of a kidney bean. It is approximately 31 miles long from north to south, and it is 18 miles at its widest point. It has an area of approximately 325 square miles, making it relatively large. Even though the island is surrounded by coastline, it has a ridge of mountains that runs down the center, giving it varied elevations. The two largest mountains are called Pelineon and Epos.

How many People Live On the Island?

The island is relatively large, so it has a decent population. The population has been estimated to be approximately 54,000 people. In addition, there are a lot of people who visit the island every year. It is a significant tourist attraction increase because of the famous monastery, Neo Moni. The monastery itself has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a monastery that dates back to the 11th century. It is situated on Provateoi Oros Mountain. The Monastery itself has a tremendous amount of Macedonian Renaissance art, and it has been studied extensively over the years. The monastery was built during the reign of the Byzantine Empire.

Has Greece Controlled Chios Since the Dawn of Time?

During the Classical period, the Greeks controlled the island for centuries. Then, when Classical Greece fell, the island was controlled by the Roman Empire for an extended amount of time. After that, control of the island passed to the Byzantine Empire, which held the island for several hundred years. In 1304, the Genoan Republic took control of the island, which it held for more than 260 years. Eventually, the Ottoman Empire took control of the island, and was in control for several hundred years. Unfortunately, the island suffered significantly under the control of the Ottoman Empire. Eventually, the Ottoman Empire would collapse, and control of the island passed back to Greece.

What Are the Main Industries of the Island?

The economy is driven by a wide variety of commodities. There is a significant local merchant shipping community, and it is responsible for transporting a lot of products that are grown directly on the island. For example, people from all over the world love mastic, cherries, mandarins, wine, figs, and olives that are grown on the island. There are also several special foods that are produced there, including pasta, cheese, and desserts. There has also been a decent amount of mining activity on the island throughout the centuries, but this has slowed down. The island used to be a significant producer of antimony. Finally, there is also a decent amount of tourism that drives the economy on the island. In particular, people come from all over the world to check out the ancient monastery that sits in the mountains.