Lord Howe Island Population 2024

Where Is Lord Howe Island Located?

There are several small islands off the coast of Australia and New Zealand, and one example is Lord Howe Island, which is approximately 320 miles east of Port Macquarie and 420 miles northeast of Sydney. The island itself is a very long, narrow island, and it is enclosed in a coral reef. There are people who live on the island permanently, but most of them live in the northern areas of the island. There are a lot of forests and mountains on the island, including Ball’s Pyramid. Even though the island is relatively close to both Australia and New Zealand, Lord Howe Island is claimed by Australia.

Is Lord Howe Island a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Yes, Lord Howe Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most of the people live in the northern portion of the island because the southern portion of the island is protected. It is virtually untouched forest, and there are a lot of plants and animals that live on the island that are not found anywhere else in the world. In particular, there is a very large coral reef with nesting seabirds, and there is a tremendous amount of cultural and historical heritage on the island. In 1981, a permanent park preserve was established, and it covers approximately three-quarters of the island. It has been added to the Australian National Heritage List, and the surrounding waters are also protected as a part of the Lord Howe Island Marine Park.

How Many People Live on Lord Howe Island?

Unlike many other islands and tourist destinations, the number of people who live on the island is incredibly limited. There are approximately 382 people who live on the island permanently, meaning that the island itself is sparsely populated. Just about all of these people live in the northern reaches of the island. In addition, there are only 400 tourists allowed on the island at any given time. This limitation is important for protecting the island against human development and destruction. The island is only about 1 mile wide and 6 miles long, making it one of the smallest islands off the coast of Australia. It is shaped like a crescent, and it is a volcanic remnant.

What Types of Animals Live on Lord Howe Island?

Unlike many other areas throughout Australia, there are not a lot of daytime sharks, stinging insects, or venomous animals living on the island itself. A few tiger sharks have been reported to live off the coast of the island. There are more than 200 species of birds that live on the island, and many of the birds on the island cannot be found anywhere else. There is only one native mammal that lives on the island. It is a large forest bat. In addition, there are two reptiles that are native to the island. They include the Lord Howe Island skink and the Lord Howe Island gecko. Both of them are rarely seen on the main island.