Governors of Alaska

Alaska Is One of the Most Recent Additions to the United States

As you likely know, Alaska was one of the most recent states to join the United States. In fact, it was the 49th state to join the Union, only followed by the 50th and so far final state, Hawaii. Alaska became a state on January 3, 1959. As a result, there have not been as many Alaska governors as governors of other states. In the history of the state of Alaska, it has had a total of 12 governors since it achieved statehood in 1959. Only the state of Hawaii has had fewer governors than Alaska since statehood.

Complete List of All of Alaska's Governors

One notable characteristic about the governors of the state of Alaska is that only two people have served as the state's governor on more than one occasion. These two people were William A. Egan and Wally Hickel. The current governor of the state of Alaska is Mike Dunleavy. Also, you should know that four of the five most recent Alaska governors are Republicans. Alaska has also had a governor who was part of the Independent Party, Bill Walker. Keep reading for a full list of all of the governors in Alaskan state history.

Name Term Start Term End Party
William A. EganJan 3, 1959Dec 5, 1966Democratic
Wally HickelDec 5, 1966Jan 29, 1969Republican
Keith Harvey MillerJan 29, 1969Dec 7, 1970Republican
William A. EganDec 7, 1970Dec 2, 1974Democratic
Jay HammondDec 2, 1974Dec 6, 1982Republican
Bill SheffieldDec 6, 1982Dec 1, 1986Democratic
Steve CowperDec 1, 1986Dec 3, 1990Democratic
Wally HickelDec 3, 1990Dec 5, 1994Alaskan Independence
Tony KnowlesDec 5, 1994Dec 2, 2002Democratic
Frank MurkowskiDec 2, 2002Dec 4, 2006Republican
Sarah PalinDec 4, 2006Jul 26, 2009Republican
Sean ParnellJul 26, 2009Dec 1, 2014Republican
Bill WalkerDec 1, 2014Dec 3, 2018Independent
Mike DunleavyDec 3, 2018-Republican