Governors of Arizona

How Many Governors Has Arizona Had in Its History?

Relatively speaking, Arizona is one of the newer states in the United States. Arizona officially became a US state on February 14, 1915. This means it is a newer US state compared to many other states that joined the US in the 18th and 19th centuries. In total, the state of Arizona has had 23 governors in its history.

In the modern era, Arizona governors have varied a bit from Democrats to Republicans. However, four of the five most recent governors of Arizona were all Republicans. It is also good to point out that Arizona has had the most female governors out of any state with four.

Who Is On The Full List of Arizona Governors?

Since Arizona is a somewhat more recent addition to the US, it has not had as many governors as some other states. However, Arizona has still had 23 governors since it achieved statehood. The current governor of Arizona is Doug Ducey. Keep reading for the full list of Arizona's state governors.


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Governors of Arizona