Arkansas State Flag

Meaning of the Flag

The state flag of Arkansas has significant symbolism in its design. The diamond that is located in the center represents the state’s early role as being the only diamond-bearing state in the Union. The 25 white stars represent Arkansas being the 25th state to join the union. There is a blue star located on the flag that symbolizes the Confederate States, and the border design is a tribute to the Confederate battle flag.

There are also three stars located below the state’s name on the flag. There are three different meaning for these stars. Arkansas was the third state formed following the Louisiana Purchase. The Louisiana Purchase occurred in 1803. Finally, the stars represent the three nations that have owned Arkansas throughout its history.

Colors of the Flag

The colors of the Arkansas state flag are red, white and blue. The field of the flag is red. There is a white diamond in the center that features a blue band dotted with 25 white stars. The name “Arkansas” is written in blue text within the white diamond, as well as one blue five-pointed star above the name and three stars below.

History of the Flag

The idea of a state flag was first proposed in 1912. The Pine Bluff Chapter of the DAR wanted to create a flag that would be used on the USS Arkansas battleship. The DAR held a design contest for the new flag. Willie Hocker submitted the winning design. This design was similar to the flag of today, but had a white diamond with three white stars centered within. The flag was modified at the request of the flag committee, with the new stars being rearranged and the addition of the state’s name. The flag was adopted in 1913.

An additional star was added to the flag in 1923. This flag was used for one year. The stars were rearranged in 1924, creating the modern flag that is still in use today. In 2011, a bill was signed by the governor to outline specific details of the flag, including the use of the colors Old Glory Red and Old Glory Blue.

Flag Facts

A state law defines a pledge that should be used when saluting the flag.

Flags purchased by the Secretary of State must be made in the U.S.

Flag of Arkansas
Red, White, Blue
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Red background with white diamond outline in blue and white stars with "Arkansas" written in the middle
Arkansas Flag

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