Governors of Arkansas

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Term Start
Term End
Sarah Huckabee SandersJan 10, 2023-Republican
Asa HutchinsonJan 10, 2015Jan 10, 2023Republican
Mike BeebeJan 9, 2007Jan 13, 2015Democratic
Mike HuckabeeJul 15, 1996Jan 9, 2007Republican
Jim Guy TuckerDec 12, 1992Jul 15, 1996Democratic
Bill ClintonJan 11, 1983Dec 12, 1992Democratic
Frank D. WhiteJan 19, 1981Jan 11, 1983Republican
Bill ClintonJan 9, 1979Jan 19, 1981Democratic
Joe PurcellJan 3, 1979Jan 9, 1979Democratic
David PryorJan 14, 1975Jan 3, 1979Democratic
Bob C. RileyJan 3, 1975Jan 14, 1975Democratic
Dale BumpersJan 12, 1971Jan 3, 1975Democratic
Winthrop RockefellerJan 10, 1967Jan 12, 1971Republican
Orval FaubusJan 11, 1955Jan 10, 1967Democratic
Francis CherryJan 13, 1953Jan 11, 1955Democratic
Sid McMathJan 11, 1949Jan 13, 1953Democratic
Benjamin Travis LaneyJan 9, 1945Jan 11, 1949Democratic
Homer Martin AdkinsJan 14, 1941Jan 9, 1945Democratic
Carl E. BaileyJan 12, 1937Jan 14, 1941Democratic
Junius Marion FutrellJan 10, 1933Jan 12, 1937Democratic
Harvey ParnellMar 14, 1928Jan 10, 1933Democratic
John Ellis MartineauJan 11, 1927Mar 14, 1928Democratic
Tom TerralJan 13, 1925Jan 11, 1927Democratic
Thomas Chipman McRaeJan 11, 1921Jan 13, 1925Democratic
Charles Hillman BroughJan 10, 1917Jan 11, 1921Democratic
George Washington HaysAug 6, 1913Jan 10, 1917Democratic
Junius M. FutrellMar 13, 1913Aug 6, 1913Democratic
William Kavanaugh OldhamMar 8, 1913Mar 13, 1913Democratic
Joseph Taylor RobinsonJan 16, 1913Mar 8, 1913Democratic
George Washington DonagheyJan 14, 1909Jan 16, 1913Democratic
Jesse M. MartinJan 11, 1909Jan 14, 1909Democratic
Xenophon Overton PindallMay 14, 1907Jan 11, 1909Democratic
John Isaac MooreFeb 11, 1907May 14, 1907Democratic
John Sebastian LittleJan 18, 1907Feb 11, 1907Democratic
Jeff DavisJan 18, 1901Jan 18, 1907Democratic
Daniel Webster JonesJan 18, 1897Jan 18, 1901Democratic
James Paul ClarkeJan 18, 1895Jan 18, 1897Democratic
William Meade FishbackJan 14, 1893Jan 18, 1895Democratic
James Philip EagleJan 17, 1889Jan 14, 1893Democratic
Simon Pollard Hughes Jr.Jan 15, 1885Jan 17, 1889Democratic
James Henderson BerryJan 13, 1883Jan 15, 1885Democratic
Thomas James ChurchillJan 13, 1881Jan 13, 1883Democratic
William Read MillerJan 11, 1877Jan 13, 1881Democratic
Augustus Hill GarlandNov 12, 1874Jan 11, 1877Democratic
Elisha BaxterJan 6, 1873Nov 12, 1874Republican
Ozra Amander Hadley[aa]Mar 17, 1871Jan 6, 1873Republican
Powell ClaytonJul 2, 1868Mar 17, 1871Republican
Isaac MurphyJan 20, 1864Jul 2, 1868Independent
Harris FlanaginNov 15, 1862May 28, 1865Independent
Thomas FletcherNov 4, 1862Nov 15, 1862Independent
Henry M. RectorNov 16, 1860Nov 4, 1862Independent Democratic
Elias Nelson ConwayNov 15, 1852Nov 16, 1860Democratic
John Selden RoaneApr 19, 1849Nov 15, 1852Democratic
Richard C. ByrdJan 10, 1849Apr 19, 1849Democratic
Thomas Stevenson DrewNov 9, 1844Jan 10, 1849Democratic
Samuel AdamsApr 29, 1844Nov 9, 1844Democratic
Archibald YellNov 4, 1840Apr 29, 1844Democratic
James Sevier ConwaySep 13, 1836Nov 4, 1840Democratic
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What Is the Total Number of Arkansas Governors in the State's History?

The state of Arkansas is one of the older states in the US. Arkansas officially became a US state on June 15th, 1836, joining as the US's 25th state. It was part of the Louisiana Purchase.

In total, the state of Arkansas has had 57 governors since it gained statehood back in 1836. While Arkansas is a more Republican-leaning state, both Republicans and Democrats have served as the governor of the state in recent years. Out of the last five governors of Arkansas, three were Democrats and two were Republicans.

Check Out This Full List of Arkansas's Governors

The state of Arkansas differs from some other states in that it is quite rare for one person to serve as the state's governor more than once. Bill Clinton is the most significant exception to this rule, since he served as the governor of Arkansas from 1979 to 1981, then again from 1983 to 1992. The current governor of Arkansas is Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Read on for a complete list of all of the Arkansas governors in the state's history.

Current Governor
Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Governor Since
Jan 10, 2023
# of Governors Since Statehood

Which party is the current governor of Arkansas?

The current governor of Arkansas is Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a Republican.

How many governors has Arkansas had?

There have been 57 governors of Arkansas, 45 Democrats, 8 Republicans, and 4 from other parties.

When was the last Republican governor in Arkansas?

The last Republican governor in Arkansas is Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who has served from 2023 to the present day.

When was the last Democrat governor in Arkansas?

The last Democrat governor in Arkansas was Mike Beebe, who served from 2007 to 2015.

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