Governors of Colorado

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Term Start
Term End
Jared PolisJan 8, 2019-Democratic
John HickenlooperJan 11, 2011Jan 8, 2019Democratic
Bill RitterJan 9, 2007Jan 11, 2011Democratic
Bill OwensJan 12, 1999Jan 9, 2007Republican
Roy RomerJan 13, 1987Jan 12, 1999Democratic
Richard LammJan 14, 1975Jan 13, 1987Democratic
John D. VanderhoofJul 16, 1973Jan 14, 1975Republican
John Arthur LoveJan 8, 1963Jul 16, 1973Republican
Stephen McNicholsJan 8, 1957Jan 8, 1963Democratic
Edwin C. JohnsonJan 11, 1955Jan 8, 1957Democratic
Daniel I. J. ThorntonJan 9, 1951Jan 11, 1955Republican
Walter Walford JohnsonApr 15, 1950Jan 9, 1951Democratic
William Lee KnousJan 14, 1947Apr 15, 1950Democratic
John Charles VivianJan 12, 1943Jan 14, 1947Republican
Ralph Lawrence CarrJan 10, 1939Jan 12, 1943Republican
Teller AmmonsJan 12, 1937Jan 10, 1939Democratic
Ray Herbert TalbotJan 1, 1937Jan 12, 1937Democratic
Edwin C. JohnsonJan 10, 1933Jan 1, 1937Democratic
Billy AdamsJan 11, 1927Jan 10, 1933Democratic
Clarence MorleyJan 13, 1925Jan 11, 1927Republican
William Ellery SweetJan 9, 1923Jan 13, 1925Democratic
Oliver Henry ShoupJan 14, 1919Jan 9, 1923Republican
Julius Caldeen GunterJan 9, 1917Jan 14, 1919Democratic
George Alfred CarlsonJan 12, 1915Jan 9, 1917Republican
Elias M. AmmonsJan 14, 1913Jan 12, 1915Democratic
John F. ShafrothJan 12, 1909Jan 14, 1913Democratic
Henry Augustus BuchtelJan 8, 1907Jan 12, 1909Republican
Jesse Fuller McDonaldMar 17, 1905Jan 8, 1907Republican
James Hamilton PeabodyMar 16, 1905Mar 17, 1905Republican
Alva AdamsJan 10, 1905Mar 16, 1905Democratic
James Hamilton PeabodyJan 13, 1903Jan 10, 1905Republican
James Bradley OrmanJan 8, 1901Jan 13, 1903Democratic
Charles S. ThomasJan 10, 1899Jan 8, 1901Democratic
Alva AdamsJan 12, 1897Jan 10, 1899Democratic
Albert McIntireJan 8, 1895Jan 12, 1897Republican
Davis Hanson WaiteJan 10, 1893Jan 8, 1895Populist
John Long RouttJan 13, 1891Jan 10, 1893Republican
Job Adams CooperJan 8, 1889Jan 13, 1891Republican
Alva AdamsJan 11, 1887Jan 8, 1889Democratic
Benjamin Harrison EatonJan 13, 1885Jan 11, 1887Republican
James Benton GrantJan 9, 1883Jan 13, 1885Democratic
Frederick Walker PitkinJan 14, 1879Jan 9, 1883Republican
John Long RouttNov 3, 1876Jan 14, 1879Republican
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How Many Governors Have There Been in The History of the State of Colorado?

While Colorado was certainly not one of the original 13 states, it still has quite a long history. Colorado first became a US state on August 1, 1876. The very first governor of the state of Colorado was John Long Routt. When you consider Colorado's governors since it became a state, there have been a total of 38 state governors. It is important to note that the majority of Colorado governors in the state's recent history have been Democratic governors. Four of the last five governors of Colorado are Democrats.

Who Are All The Governors in The History of Colorado?

The state of Colorado is a slightly more recent addition to the US than some other states. However, as previously stated, there have still been 38 Colorado governors in the state's history. The current governor of Colorado is Jared Polis. Read on for a full list of every Colorado governor in the state's history.

Current Governor
Jared Polis
Governor Since
Jan 8, 2019
# of Governors Since Statehood

Which party is the current governor of Colorado?

The current governor of Colorado is Jared Polis, a Democrat.

How many governors has Colorado had?

There have been 38 governors of Colorado, 20 Democrats, 17 Republicans, and 1 from other parties.

When was the last Democratic governor in Colorado?

The last Democratic governor in Colorado is Jared Polis, who has served from 2019 to the present day.

When was the last Republican governor in Colorado?

The last Republican governor in Colorado was Bill Owens, who served from 1999 to 2007.

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