Connecticut State Bird

What Is the Connecticut State Bird?

The Connecticut state bird is the American Robin. The state of Connecticut named the Robin its state bird in 1943. The Robin has been an important bird in the history of this country for a long time, and it is also a state symbol of Michigan and Wisconsin. In addition to playing a role in American history, the Robin is also the national bird of Great Britain.

What Do People Need To Know About the Male and Female Robin?

The American Robin is most active during the spring. If people keep their ears open as the weather begins to warm up, they might be able to hear the Robin singing a beautiful tune. The male American Robin tends to sing the latest in the day. The last song that people hear a bird sing before they go to bed at night is probably from the American Robin, as it is generally distributed throughout the entire United States.

Furthermore, it can be very difficult to tell the male American Robin from the female one. When taking a closer look, the female has slightly duller colors than the male. The male tends to stand out more than the female because of its bright plumage.

What Does the Robin Like To Eat?

In addition, the American Robin has a varied diet. It eats a lot of different things, but all of them are sweet! A few examples of things that Robins like to eat include fruits, berries, cake, cookies, and even pastry dough. When people see a TV show of a bird that gets into a pie that has been left on the shelf to cool outside, it is probably an American Robin that is the culprit.

American Robins Are Protected By Law

During the past few centuries, American Robins have been targeted by hunters at various points in time. During the early days of the United States, hunters used to kill the American Robin and eat it for its meat. Now, because of the important relationship between the Robin and the history of the country, robins are actually protected by the US Migratory Bird Act. It is generally illegal for someone to hunt robins. They are protected in a wide variety of locations, and it is important for people to make sure they are not hunting a Robin by mistake.

The American Robin Can Get Drunk On Fermented Berries

The Robin can also get drunk from time to time. Because robins like berries so much, they sometimes eat berries that have already fermented. As a result, these berries have a very high alcohol tolerance. If the American Robin consumes too many of these berries, it can have a difficult time flying because of the alcohol content in its bloodstream. If you see a Robin that appears to run along the ground, try to fly, and then suddenly stop, it could be because the Robin has had a few too many berries to eat.

Connecticut state bird
American robin
Scientific Name
Turdus migratorius
Year Became Official

Connecticut State Bird