Governors of Florida

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Term Start
Term End
William Dunn MoseleyJun 25, 1845Oct 1, 1849Democratic
Thomas BrownOct 1, 1849Oct 3, 1853Whig
James E. BroomeOct 3, 1853Oct 5, 1857Democratic
Madison S. PerryOct 5, 1857Oct 7, 1861Democratic
John MiltonOct 7, 1861Apr 1, 1865Democratic
Abraham K. AllisonApr 1, 1865May 19, 1865Democratic
William MarvinJul 13, 1865Dec 20, 1865
David S. WalkerDec 20, 1865Jul 4, 1868Democratic
Harrison ReedJul 4, 1868Jan 7, 1873Republican
Ossian B. HartJan 7, 1873Mar 18, 1874Republican
Marcellus StearnsMar 18, 1874Jan 2, 1877Republican
George Franklin DrewJan 2, 1877Jan 4, 1881Democratic
William D. BloxhamJan 4, 1881Jan 7, 1885Democratic
Edward A. PerryJan 7, 1885Jan 8, 1889Democratic
Francis P. FlemingJan 8, 1889Jan 3, 1893Democratic
Henry L. MitchellJan 3, 1893Jan 5, 1897Democratic
William D. BloxhamJan 5, 1897Jan 8, 1901Democratic
William Sherman JenningsJan 8, 1901Jan 3, 1905Democratic
Napoleon B. BrowardJan 3, 1905Jan 5, 1909Democratic
Albert W. GilchristJan 5, 1909Jan 7, 1913Democratic
Park TrammellJan 7, 1913Jan 2, 1917Democratic
Sidney Johnston CattsJan 2, 1917Jan 4, 1921Prohibition
Cary A. HardeeJan 4, 1921Jan 6, 1925Democratic
John W. MartinJan 6, 1925Jan 8, 1929Democratic
Doyle E. CarltonJan 8, 1929Jan 3, 1933Democratic
David SholtzJan 3, 1933Jan 5, 1937Democratic
Fred P. ConeJan 5, 1937Jan 7, 1941Democratic
Spessard HollandJan 7, 1941Jan 2, 1945Democratic
Millard CaldwellJan 2, 1945Jan 4, 1949Democratic
Fuller WarrenJan 4, 1949Jan 6, 1953Democratic
Daniel T. McCartyJan 6, 1953Sep 28, 1953Democratic
Charley Eugene JohnsSep 28, 1953Jan 4, 1955Democratic
LeRoy CollinsJan 4, 1955Jan 3, 1961Democratic
C. Farris BryantJan 3, 1961Jan 5, 1965Democratic
W. Haydon BurnsJan 5, 1965Jan 3, 1967Democratic
Claude R. Kirk Jr.Jan 3, 1967Jan 5, 1971Republican
Reubin AskewJan 5, 1971Jan 2, 1979Democratic
Bob GrahamJan 2, 1979Jan 3, 1987Democratic
Wayne MixsonJan 3, 1987Jan 6, 1987Democratic
Bob MartinezJan 6, 1987Jan 8, 1991Republican
Lawton ChilesJan 8, 1991Dec 12, 1998Democratic
Buddy MacKayDec 12, 1998Jan 5, 1999Democratic
Jeb BushJan 5, 1999Jan 2, 2007Republican
Charlie CristJan 2, 2007Jan 4, 2011Republican
Rick ScottJan 4, 2011Jan 7, 2019Republican
Ron DeSantisJan 8, 2019-Republican
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How Many Governors Have There Been in Florida's History?

Florida has been a US state for quite some time. Florida originally joined the United States as a new state on March 3, 1845. In total, the state of Florida has had 45 governors since it achieved statehood. It is notable that the state of Florida did not have any governors before it became a state, which is a significant difference compared to some other states. Additionally, one more thing to note about Florida governors is that the majority of them in the state's recent history have all been Republicans. The last four governors of Florida have all been Republicans.

Here Is A List of All of Florida's Governors

It is important to consider the fact that the state of Florida has had quite a few governors over the years. Florida is also different from some other states in that it is uncommon for the same person to serve as the state's governor on multiple occasions. The current governor of Florida is Ron DeSantis. Read on for the complete list of all of the Florida governors.

Current Governor
Ron DeSantis
Governor Since
Jan 8, 2019
# of Governors Since Statehood

Governors of Florida

Which party is the current governor of Florida?

The current governor of Florida is Ron DeSantis, a Republican.

How many governors has Florida had?

There have been 45 governors of Florida, 33 Democrats, 9 Republicans, and 3 from other parties.

When was the last Republican governor in Florida?

The last Republican governor in Florida is Ron DeSantis, who has served from 2019 to the present day.

When was the last Democrat governor in Florida?

The last Democrat governor in Florida was Buddy MacKay, who served from 1998 to 1999.

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