Governors of Hawaii

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Term Start
Term End
William F. QuinnAug 21, 1959Dec 3, 1962Republican
John A. BurnsDec 3, 1962Dec 2, 1974Democratic
George AriyoshiDec 2, 1974Dec 1, 1986Democratic
John D. Waiheʻe IIIDec 1, 1986Dec 5, 1994Democratic
Ben CayetanoDec 5, 1994Dec 2, 2002Democratic
Linda LingleDec 2, 2002Dec 6, 2010Republican
Neil AbercrombieDec 6, 2010Dec 1, 2014Democratic
David IgeDec 1, 2014Dec 1, 2022Democratic
Josh GreenDec 1, 2022-Democratic

History of Hawaii Governors

Before officially becoming a state, Hawaii was a territory of the United States but still had governors helping to manage and legislate day-to-day activity on the islands that make up Hawaii. After statehood, the first governor to take office in an official capacity was in 1959. William F. Quinn was elected governor and ran as a Republican.

Following William F. Quinn, who lost the next election, a long line of Democratic governors took office in Hawaii. The string of democratic officials ran from 1962 with the election of John A. Burns, until Ben Cayetano reached the end of his gubernatorial term in 2002. Ben Cayetano was replaced by Republican governor Linda Lingle, who served out her entire term until 2010. Following her time, three more Democratic governors held office in Hawaii.

On December 1, 2014, David Ige was elected and was the fourth native Hawaiian to serve as governor. Interestingly, he is also the first person of Okinawan descent to govern a state in the United States.

Current Hawaii Governor

The current governor of Hawaii is also a Democrat, following a long line of Democratic governors in this state. Josh Green is the current governor of the island state. The next election will be held in 2026.

Current Governor
Josh Green
Governor Since
Dec 1, 2022
# of Governors Since Statehood

Governors of Hawaii

Which party is the current governor of Hawaii?

The current governor of Hawaii is Josh Green, a Democrat.

How many governors has Hawaii had?

There have been 9 governors of Hawaii, 7 Democrats, 2 Republicans, and 0 from other parties.

When was the last Democratic governor in Hawaii?

The last Democratic governor in Hawaii is Josh Green, who has served from 2022 to the present day.

When was the last Republican governor in Hawaii?

The last Republican governor in Hawaii was Linda Lingle, who served from 2002 to 2010.

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