Indiana State Flag

Meaning of the Flag

The flag of Indiana features a torch that symbolizes enlightenment and liberty. There are rays surrounding the torch that symbolize the far-reaching influence of the state. There are also 19 stars spread around the torch, which represent the Indiana being the 19th state to join the union. Thirteen of these stars are arranged in an outer loop and represent the original 13 colonies.

Colors of the Flag

There are just two colors used in the state flag of Indiana. The background is blue. The torch, the letters in “Indiana” and the 19 stars are gold in color.

History of the Flag

A resolution was issued in 1916 to adopt a state flag. A contest was held by the Daughters of the American Revolution to find a design for the state flag. There was a $100 cash prize offered for the winning design. Over 200 entries were received. The winning entry was submitted by Paul Hadley, a Mooresville native. The flag design was chosen to be the official flag of the state on May 31, 1917. There was just one change made to the original design, and this was the addition of the state’s name. The flag has remained unchanged since it was first adopted. In 1955, a statute was passed that standardized the dimensions of the flag.

Flag Facts

Indiana’s state flag was ranked 32 out of 72 flags across U.S. states and territories and Canadian provinces.

A variation of Indiana’s flag was used as the flag of Gotham in the 1989 film, “Batman.”

Blue, Gold
Designed by
Paul Hadley


Blue background with a gold torch in the center and gold stars surrounding
Indiana Flag

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