Maine State Flag

Meaning of the Flag

The state flag of Maine features the state’s coat of arms. The coat of arms features a shield with a tranquil scene featuring a moose and a pine tree, a symbol of the tranquil scenery in Maine. The shield is supported by a farmer and a seaman, which symbolizes the state’s reliance on the sea and agriculture. Above the shield is a North Star with the state’s motto, Dirigo, which means, “I Lead.” There is also a banner at the bottom that features the name of the state.

Colors of the Flag

The state flag of Maine features the state coat of arms on a blue background. The coat of arms features multiple colors, including various shades of green, white brown, blue and gold.

History of the Flag

Maine’s state flag was originally a pine tree and a blue North Star on a buff background. This flag was used around 1901. However, the design was changed in 1909, and the new flag was officially adopted on February 23, 1909. This design has remained unchanged to this day. There are no official colors for the state’s coat of arms, so there are many variants of the flag found flying throughout the state. However, it has been specified that the color of the background is the same color of blue used in the national flag.

Flag Facts

Maine is just one of two states to have a separate ensign. This flag features symbols of the old flag and the newer flag.

The official description of Maine’s state flag states that a blue and white silk cord should be attached to the flag and a yellow silk fringe should be along the borders. However, these specifications are rarely used.

Blue, White, Gold, Red, Brown


Blue background with the state coat of arms in the center
Maine Flag

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