Michigan State Flag

What does the flag of Michigan look like? The Michigan flag is dark blue with the state's coat of arms in the center. Michigan's flag was officially adopted on June 26, 1911 as the civil and state flag.

Meaning of the Flag

Like many other flags in the United States, the state flag of Michigan features the state’s coat of arms on the dark blue field. The coat of arms features a blue shield with a sun rising over a lake and peninsula. There is a man also on the shield. One of his hands is raised, symbolizing peace. The other hand is holding a long gun, which represents the fight for the state and the nation as a whole. An elk and a moose are supporting the shield. These are animals that inhabit Michigan, and the design was derived from Hudson’s Bay Company’s coat of arms. There is also a bald eagle featured on the states, which represents the nation.

There are three Latin mottos also printed on the coat of arms and the flag. “Tuebor” is placed on the shield and it means, “I will defend.” “E Pluribus Unum” is also on the flag. This is the motto of the US and it means, “Out of many, one.” There is also the state’s motto, which says, “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.”

Colors of the Flag

The main color of the flag is blue, which makes up the field. However, the state coat of arms features multiple colors. This includes white, light blue, black, yellow, red and several shades of brown.

History of the Flag

The first flag of Michigan featured a picture of the first governor of Michigan. On the opposite site, the flag featured an image of a soldier and a woman along with the state coat of arms. The flag has since been lost and there are no images showing what this flag looked like.

A second flag was adopted in 1865. This version featured the coat of arms of Michigan on one side, and the nation’s coat of arms on the opposite side.

The current version was adopted in 1911. This flag has remained unchanged since its adoption. However, a bill was introduced in 2016 that would change the design of the state flag. If the bill passes, a new flag design will be introduced in 2019.

Flag Facts

The governor’s flag of North Carolina is almost identical to the state flag. The only difference is that the blue field of the state flag is white on the governor’s flag.

Blue, White, Red, Brown, Yellow


Blue background with the state coat of arms in the center
Michigan Flag

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