Nebraska State Flag

Meaning of the Flag

Like many other state flags in the United States, Nebraska’s flag features the state’s official seal. There are many different elements of the seal which represent the state and its history. A depiction of the Missouri River is located on the seal. A cabin and wheat represent the importance of settlers and the agriculture of the state. A blacksmith with his anvil is also found on the seal, representing the state’s history of blacksmithing.

Colors of the Flag

The background color of the Nebraskan flag is azure blue. The great seal is represented in silver and gold. The mountains and the Missouri River are silver, while the other features of the seal, including the text “Great Seal of the State of Nebraska” and the date March 1st, 1867 – the day the seal was designed – are in gold. The state’s motto, “Equality Before the Law” appears on a gold banner within the design of the seal.

History of the Flag

The state seal of Nebraska was designed in 1867. Although there have been bills to change the design, these bills have failed to pass, leaving the design unchanged. The design of the state flag was not adopted until July 16, 1963. This was the date that the flag was officially adopted by the state, although this design had been used on unofficial flags since 1925.

Flag Facts

A 2001 survey showed that the Nebraskan flag has the second-worst design of 72 flags of state and provinces in the United States and Canada.

Multiple bills have been introduced to change the design of the flag. Most recently in 2017, Senator Burke Harr pushed for a redesign after the flag was flown upside down for 10 days at the capitol building.

Blue, Gold


Blue background with the state seal in the center in gold
Nebraska Flag

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