New Hampshire State Flag

Meaning of the Flag

Like many other state flags in the United States, the design of New Hampshire’s state flag is based around its official state seal. The main feature that stands out on this state flag is the depiction of the USS Raleigh warship. This ship was built in the 1700s in Portsmouth and was one of the first warships to be sponsored by the Continental Congress. A laurel wreath surrounds the seal, which is a symbol for honor, victory and fame. There are nine stars within the wreath symbolizing New Hampshire as the 9th state to join the Union. The water in the image represents the harbor of Portsmouth, and there is also land that is depicted as granite, which symbolizes the sturdy character of people in the state and the rugged landscape.

Colors of the Flag

The background of New Hampshire’s flag is blue. The text, circle around the seal and the wreath and stars are gold. The state seal is various colors, including red, gold, blue, green and white.

History of the Flag

Prior to 1909, New Hampshire did not have an official state flag. However, regimental flags were used unofficially to represent the state. A flag similar to the design that is used today was first adopted in 1909. However, this design was changed in 1931 after the state’s seal was modified. Since then, however, the flag has flown over the state unchanged.

Flag Facts

Proposals to change the seal to the Old Man of the Mountain have been suggested, but the flag has remained unchanged.

The state of New Hampshire has two official seals. Most people, however, are familiar with the seal that is used on the flag and on official documents.

Blue, Gold


Blue background with the state seal in the center outlined by a goal wreath

New Hampshire State Flag

New Hampshire Flag

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