Governors of New York

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Term Start
Term End
George ClintonJul 30, 1777Jun 30, 1795Democratic– Republican
John JayJul 1, 1795Jun 30, 1801Federalist
George ClintonJul 1, 1801Jun 30, 1804Democratic– Republican
Morgan LewisJul 1, 1804Jun 30, 1807Democratic– Republican
Daniel D. TompkinsJul 1, 1807Feb 24, 1817Democratic– Republican
John Tayler (Acting)Feb 24, 1817Jun 30, 1817Democratic– Republican
DeWitt ClintonJul 1, 1817Dec 31, 1822Democratic– Republican
Joseph C. YatesJan 1, 1823Dec 31, 1824Democratic– Republican
DeWitt ClintonJan 1, 1825Feb 11, 1828Democratic– Republican
Nathaniel PitcherFeb 11, 1828Dec 31, 1828Democratic– Republican
Martin Van BurenJan 1, 1829Mar 12, 1829Democratic
Enos T. ThroopMar 12, 1829Dec 31, 1832Democratic
William L. MarcyJan 1, 1833Dec 31, 1838Democratic
William H. SewardJan 1, 1839Dec 31, 1842Whig
William C. BouckJan 1, 1843Dec 31, 1844Democratic
Silas WrightJan 1, 1845Dec 31, 1846Democratic
John YoungJan 1, 1847Dec 31, 1848Whig
Hamilton FishJan 1, 1849Dec 31, 1850Whig
Washington HuntJan 1, 1851Dec 31, 1852Whig
Horatio SeymourJan 1, 1853Dec 31, 1854Democratic
Myron H. ClarkJan 1, 1855Dec 31, 1856Whig (fusion)
John A. KingJan 1, 1857Dec 31, 1858Republican
Edwin D. MorganJan 1, 1859Dec 31, 1862Republican
Horatio SeymourJan 1, 1863Dec 31, 1864Democratic
Reuben FentonJan 1, 1865Dec 31, 1868Union
John T. HoffmanJan 1, 1869Dec 31, 1872Democratic
John Adams DixJan 1, 1873Dec 31, 1874Republican
Samuel J. TildenJan 1, 1875Dec 31, 1876Democratic
Lucius RobinsonJan 1, 1877Dec 31, 1879Democratic
Alonzo B. CornellJan 1, 1880Dec 31, 1882Republican
Grover ClevelandJan 1, 1883Jan 6, 1885Democratic
David B. HillJan 6, 1885Dec 31, 1891Democratic
Roswell P. FlowerJan 1, 1892Dec 31, 1894Democratic
Levi P. MortonJan 1, 1895Dec 31, 1896Republican
Frank S. BlackJan 1, 1897Dec 31, 1898Republican
Theodore RooseveltJan 1, 1899Dec 31, 1900Republican
Benjamin OdellJan 1, 1901Dec 31, 1904Republican
Frank W. HigginsJan 1, 1905Dec 31, 1906Republican
Charles Evans HughesJan 1, 1907Oct 6, 1910Republican
Horace WhiteOct 6, 1910Dec 31, 1910Republican
John Alden DixJan 1, 1911Dec 31, 1912Democratic
William SulzerJan 1, 1913Oct 17, 1913Democratic
Martin H. GlynnOct 17, 1913Dec 31, 1914Democratic
Charles Seymour WhitmanJan 1, 1915Dec 31, 1918Republican
Al SmithJan 1, 1919Dec 31, 1920Democratic
Nathan L. MillerJan 1, 1921Dec 31, 1922Republican
Al SmithJan 1, 1923Dec 31, 1928Democratic
Franklin D. RooseveltJan 1, 1929Dec 31, 1932Democratic
Herbert H. LehmanJan 1, 1933Dec 3, 1942Democratic
Charles PolettiDec 3, 1942Dec 31, 1942Democratic
Thomas E. DeweyJan 1, 1943Dec 31, 1954Republican
W. Averell HarrimanJan 1, 1955Dec 31, 1958Democratic
Nelson RockefellerJan 1, 1959Dec 18, 1973Republican
Malcolm WilsonDec 18, 1973Dec 31, 1974Republican
Hugh CareyJan 1, 1975Dec 31, 1982Democratic
Mario CuomoJan 1, 1983Dec 31, 1994Democratic
George PatakiJan 1, 1995Dec 31, 2006Republican
Eliot SpitzerJan 1, 2007Mar 17, 2008Democratic
David PatersonMar 17, 2008Dec 31, 2010Democratic
Andrew CuomoJan 1, 2011Aug 23, 2021Democratic
Kathy HochulAug 24, 2021-Democratic
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New York, also known as The Empire State, is home to more than 19 million people today. New York governors, like the state they govern, are among some of the most recognizable in the world. The State's 57th governor-- and New York's first female governor-- Kathy Hochul is likely to be no exception. Like most affiliations with one of the most iconic cities and places in the world, New York governors are almost media stars today by default. New York governors are not only people thrust into both the media and political spotlight, but they are also individuals who bear a very heavy responsibility. While it is too early to write the book on New York's newest governor, if history is any indication, those who sit in that seat have historically risen to meet the occasion.

New York's Most Famous Governors

There have been some hallowed names in the arena of politics that have born the mantle of the governor of New York. That includes future presidents like Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, Martin van Buren, and Grover Cleveland. Not to mention arguably one of the most famed governors in history, Nelson Rockefeller, who held the office from Jan 1, 1959, to Dec 18, 1973.

Historical Governors

As one of the earliest-established states, New York has a long history of governors. The first governor of New York was George Clinton who held the position from 1777 to 1795. Although this was quite a long period of service, Clinton once again held the office from 1801 to 1804. Federalist John Jay was the governor during the period between these two terms.

Current Governor
Kathy Hochul
Governor Since
Aug 24, 2021
# of Governors Since Statehood

Governors of New York

Which party is the current governor of New York?

The current governor of New York is Kathy Hochul, a Democrat.

How many governors has New York had?

There have been 57 governors of New York, 26 Democrats, 17 Republicans, and 14 from other parties.

When was the last Democratic governor in New York?

The last Democratic governor in New York is Kathy Hochul, who has served from 2021 to the present day.

When was the last Republican governor in New York?

The last Republican governor in New York was George Pataki, who served from 1995 to 2006.

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