Governors of North Dakota

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Term Start
Term End
Doug BurgumDec 15, 2016-Republican
Jack DalrympleDec 7, 2010Dec 15, 2016Republican
John HoevenDec 15, 2000Dec 7, 2010Republican
Ed SchaferDec 15, 1992Dec 15, 2000Republican
George A. SinnerJan 1, 1985Dec 15, 1992Democratic-NPL
Allen I. OlsonJan 6, 1981Jan 1, 1985Republican
Arthur A. LinkJan 2, 1973Jan 6, 1981Democratic-NPL
William L. GuyJan 4, 1961Jan 2, 1973Democratic-NPL
John E. DavisJan 9, 1957Jan 4, 1961Republican
Norman BrunsdaleJan 3, 1951Jan 9, 1957Republican
Fred G. AandahlJan 4, 1945Jan 3, 1951Republican
John MosesJan 5, 1939Jan 4, 1945Democratic
William LangerJan 6, 1937Jan 5, 1939Republican/NPL
Walter WelfordFeb 2, 1935Jan 6, 1937Republican/NPL
Thomas H. MoodieJan 7, 1935Feb 2, 1935Democratic
Ole H. OlsonJun 21, 1934Jan 7, 1935Republican/NPL
William LangerDec 31, 1932Jun 21, 1934Republican/NPL
George F. ShaferJan 9, 1929Dec 31, 1932Republican/IVA
Walter MaddockAug 28, 1928Jan 9, 1929Republican/NPL
Arthur G. SorlieJan 7, 1925Aug 28, 1928Republican/NPL
Ragnvald A. NestosNov 23, 1921Jan 7, 1925Republican/IVA
Lynn FrazierJan 3, 1917Nov 23, 1921Republican/NPL
L. B. HannaJan 8, 1913Jan 3, 1917Republican
John BurkeJan 9, 1907Jan 8, 1913Democratic
Elmore Y. SarlesJan 4, 1905Jan 9, 1907Republican
Frank WhiteJan 10, 1901Jan 4, 1905Republican
Frederick B. FancherJan 3, 1899Jan 10, 1901Republican
Joseph M. DevineAug 9, 1898Jan 3, 1899Republican
Frank A. BriggsJan 6, 1897Aug 9, 1898Republican
Roger AllinJan 10, 1895Jan 6, 1897Republican
Eli C. D. ShortridgeJan 3, 1893Jan 10, 1895Democratic-Independent
Andrew H. BurkeJan 7, 1891Jan 3, 1893Republican
John MillerNov 20, 1889Jan 7, 1891Republican
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North Dakota governors have a different set of concerns than governors of other states do. In addition to having the typical duties of helping the state of North Dakota provide a place to meet the hopes and dreams of its more than 700,000 residents, North Dakota governors are tasked with helping to protect the Indigenous people and families of North Dakota.

Who Was North Dakota's First Governor?

John Miller served as the first governor of North Dakota from 1889 to 1891. Miller began a tradition of Republican governors which lasted until 1907. Eli C. D. Shortridge, the state's third governor, was the only non-Republican during this time period; from 1893-1895, the Populist served as governor of the state.

Who Is the Current Governor of North Dakota?

North Dakota's current governor is Doug Burgum. Governor Burgum, the 33rd Governor of North Dakota, took office in 2016 as a member of the Republican Party and continues what has been a typically Republican-leaning state for most of its history. There was one notable run from 1961 to 1981 when Democratic-affiliated governors William L. Guy and Arthur A. Link sat as North Dakota governors for consecutive multiple-term campaigns.

North Dakota governors, in addition to having border issues to deal with, are also charged with safeguarding some of Native America's greatest treasures, cultures, and people. North Dakota governors are also in a position today to make an impact on the state's economic status and the lives of many people. The outlook for North Dakota is good, and with the continued leadership of people like current and former North Dakota governors, North Dakota is a good place to be.

Current Governor
Doug Burgum
Governor Since
Dec 15, 2016
# of Governors Since Statehood

Which party is the current governor of North Dakota?

The current governor of North Dakota is Doug Burgum, a Republican.

How many governors has North Dakota had?

There have been 32 governors of North Dakota, 3 Democrats, 17 Republicans, and 12 from other parties.

When was the last Republican governor in North Dakota?

The last Republican governor in North Dakota is Doug Burgum, who has served from 2016 to the present day.

When was the last Democrat governor in North Dakota?

The last Democrat governor in North Dakota was John Moses, who served from 1939 to 1945.

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