Governors of Oklahoma

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Term Start
Term End
Kevin StittJan 14, 2019-Republican
Mary FallinJan 10, 2011Jan 14, 2019Republican
Brad HenryJan 13, 2003Jan 10, 2011Democratic
Frank KeatingJan 9, 1995Jan 13, 2003Republican
David WaltersJan 14, 1991Jan 9, 1995Democratic
Henry BellmonJan 12, 1987Jan 14, 1991Republican
George NighJan 8, 1979Jan 12, 1987Democratic
David BorenJan 13, 1975Jan 8, 1979Democratic
David HallJan 11, 1971Jan 13, 1975Democratic
Dewey F. BartlettJan 9, 1967Jan 11, 1971Republican
Henry BellmonJan 14, 1963Jan 9, 1967Republican
George NighJan 6, 1963Jan 14, 1963Democratic
J. Howard EdmondsonJan 12, 1959Jan 6, 1963Democratic
Raymond D. GaryJan 10, 1955Jan 12, 1959Democratic
Johnston MurrayJan 8, 1951Jan 10, 1955Democratic
Roy J. TurnerJan 13, 1947Jan 8, 1951Democratic
Robert S. KerrJan 11, 1943Jan 13, 1947Democratic
Leon C. PhillipsJan 9, 1939Jan 11, 1943Democratic
E. W. MarlandJan 15, 1935Jan 9, 1939Democratic
William H. MurrayJan 1, 1931Jan 14, 1935Democratic
William J. HollowayMar 20, 1929Jan 1, 1931Democratic
Henry S. JohnstonJan 10, 1927Mar 20, 1929Democratic
Martin E. TrappNov 19, 1923Jan 10, 1927Democratic
Jack C. WaltonJan 8, 1923Nov 19, 1923Democratic
James B. A. RobertsonJan 13, 1919Jan 8, 1923Democratic
Robert L. WilliamsJan 11, 1915Jan 13, 1919Democratic
Lee CruceJan 9, 1911Jan 11, 1915Democratic
Charles N. HaskellNov 16, 1907Jan 9, 1911Democratic
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Who is the Current Governor of Oklahoma?

As the current and 28th governor, Kevin Stitt continued a relatively new tradition, breaking the long history of one-term governors. Governor Stitt was sworn in as governor of Oklahoma in January 2019. The former entrepreneur began his second term as governor in January 2023.

How Many Two-Term Governors Have There Been?

Oklahoma governors have a curious history of serving only one term, although recent history has changed that fact. Since 1995 Oklahoma has only had four governors, including the current governor's service. That equates to a run of three consecutive governors who ran two-term campaigns. Republican governor Frank Keating began the run by holding office from January 9, 1995, to January 13, 2003. Keating was proceeded by Governor and Democrat Brad Henry, who served from January 13, 2003, to January 10, 2011. Henry was followed by Republican Governor Mary Fallin. Fallin also served a full two terms taking office on January 10, 2011, until January 14, 2019, when current Governor Stitt was sworn in.

Are Oklahoma governors getting better, are the 4 million residents of Oklahoma voting differently? Whatever it is that has turned the one-term tide in the Sooner State, it seems that would be a good trend for hopeful Oklahoma governors moving forward.

Who Was the First Governor of Oklahoma?

Charles Nathaniel Haskell was the state's first governor, serving from 1907 to 1911. Haskell was part of the Democratic party. The state's early governors were almost exclusively Democrats. In fact, there was not a Republican governor until 1967, and only four Republicans have ever served as governor of Oklahoma.

Current Governor
Kevin Stitt
Governor Since
Jan 14, 2019
# of Governors Since Statehood

Which party is the current governor of Oklahoma?

The current governor of Oklahoma is Kevin Stitt, a Republican.

How many governors has Oklahoma had?

There have been 26 governors of Oklahoma, 21 Democrats, 5 Republicans, and 0 from other parties.

When was the last Republican governor in Oklahoma?

The last Republican governor in Oklahoma is Kevin Stitt, who has served from 2019 to the present day.

When was the last Democrat governor in Oklahoma?

The last Democrat governor in Oklahoma was Brad Henry, who served from 2003 to 2011.

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