Oregon State Flag

Meaning of the Flag

The state flag of Oregon features two sides. The front side of the flag has the escutcheon – or shield – that is found on the state seal. There are 33 stars surrounding the shield, which symbolizes Oregon’s admission into the Union. The date of 1859 is found below the shield, and this was the year that Oregon achieved statehood. “State of Oregon” is written above the shield. On the reverse side of the flag is an image of a beaver, which is Oregon’s state animal.

Colors of the Flag

There are just two colors used in the Oregon flag: blue and gold. The field of the flag is blue, while the seal of Oregon, the lettering, and the image of the beaver are all gold in color.

History of the Flag

Oregon’s first state flag is thought to have been made in 1925. This flag was created by the department store Meier & Frank. This flag was donated to Eastern Oregon University in 1954 and was later restored in 2010. The original design is still the one that is used today. The current flag was designated as the official flag on February 26, 1925.

A statewide contest in 2009 was launched for a new design of the flag. A winning design was chosen that featured the beaver found on the reverse side of the official flag. The design was not used to create a new flag. In 2013, a flag was introduced in the state Senate that would update the design. However, the bill did not pass the Senate, so the flag has remained unchanged.

Flag Facts

A gold fringe is sometimes added to Oregon’s state flag.

Oregon is the only state in the U.S. to have a double-sided flag.

Blue, Yellow
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Blue background with the state seal in gold in the center and "State of Oregon" in gold above and "1859" in gold beneath. The back is blue with a gold beaver
Oregon Flag

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