Governors of Oregon

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Term Start
Term End
Tina KotekJan 10, 2023-Democratic
Kate BrownFeb 18, 2015Feb 18, 2023Democratic
John KitzhaberJan 10, 2011Feb 18, 2015Democratic
Ted KulongoskiJan 13, 2003Jan 10, 2011Democratic
John KitzhaberJan 9, 1995Jan 13, 2003Democratic
Barbara RobertsJan 14, 1991Jan 9, 1995Democratic
Neil GoldschmidtJan 12, 1987Jan 14, 1991Democratic
Victor AtiyehJan 8, 1979Jan 12, 1987Republican
Robert W. StraubJan 13, 1975Jan 8, 1979Democratic
Tom McCallJan 9, 1967Jan 13, 1975Republican
Mark HatfieldJan 12, 1959Jan 9, 1967Republican
Robert D. HolmesJan 14, 1957Jan 12, 1959Democratic
Elmo SmithFeb 1, 1956Jan 14, 1957Republican
Paul L. PattersonDec 27, 1952Feb 1, 1956Republican
Douglas McKayJan 10, 1949Dec 27, 1952Republican
John Hubert HallOct 30, 1947Jan 10, 1949Republican
Earl SnellJan 11, 1943Oct 30, 1947Republican
Charles A. SpragueJan 9, 1939Jan 11, 1943Republican
Charles H. MartinJan 14, 1935Jan 9, 1939Democratic
Julius MeierJan 12, 1931Jan 14, 1935Independent
A. W. NorbladDec 21, 1929Jan 12, 1931Republican
I. L. PattersonJan 10, 1927Dec 21, 1929Republican
Walter M. PierceJan 8, 1923Jan 10, 1927Democratic
Ben W. OlcottMar 3, 1919Jan 8, 1923Republican
James WithycombeJan 12, 1915Mar 3, 1919Republican
Oswald WestJan 11, 1911Jan 12, 1915Democratic
Jay BowermanJun 17, 1910Jan 11, 1911Republican
Frank W. BensonMar 1, 1909Jun 17, 1910Republican
George Earle ChamberlainJan 15, 1903Mar 1, 1909Democratic
Theodore Thurston GeerJan 9, 1899Jan 15, 1903Republican
William Paine LordJan 14, 1895Jan 9, 1899Republican
Sylvester PennoyerJan 12, 1887Jan 14, 1895Democratic
Zenas Ferry MoodySep 13, 1882Jan 12, 1887Republican
W. W. ThayerSep 11, 1878Sep 13, 1882Democratic
Stephen F. ChadwickFeb 1, 1877Sep 11, 1878Democratic
La Fayette GroverSep 14, 1870Feb 1, 1877Democratic
George Lemuel WoodsSep 12, 1866Sep 14, 1870Republican
A. C. GibbsSep 10, 1862Sep 12, 1866Republican
John WhiteakerMar 3, 1859Sep 10, 1862Democratic
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Oregon is one of the most vibrant regions in the US and this State of 4 million people. Oregon governors have been required to deal with a myriad of circumstances over the years, from natural disasters to coastal and import issues. The good news is Oregon governors have fared well when dealing with potential crises and important situations. Dubbed the Beaver State, Oregon governors have proven to be up to the task, leading this Northwest state headfirst into the future. From technology to sustainable energy solutions, Oregon continues to push the boundaries. The leadership of Oregon governors is also no small player in these ventures. Today, Oregon, recognized as the 33rd state, looks to be led into a new era by the next generation of leaders.

Who Is the Current Governor of Oregon?

Oregon governors have been leaning predominantly Democrat, a trend the current governor, Democrat Tina Kotek, has continued. In fact, since 1987, a Democrat has won the seat for Oregon governor. The last time a Republican won Oregon's governor seat was on January 8, 1979, when Republican Victor Atiyeh sat as Oregon's governor until January 12, 1987.

Who Was the First Governor of Oregon?

John Whiteaker served as the first governor of Oregon from 1859 to 1862. Whiteaker had moved to the West Coast as part of the California Gold Rush, before taking the Oregon Trail. Once settled in Oregon, he became active in the Democratic party, leading to his eventual run in the governor's race. Oregon became a state during his time in office.

Current Governor
Tina Kotek
Governor Since
Jan 10, 2023
# of Governors Since Statehood

Which party is the current governor of Oregon?

The current governor of Oregon is Tina Kotek, a Democrat.

How many governors has Oregon had?

There have been 38 governors of Oregon, 17 Democrats, 20 Republicans, and 1 from other parties.

When was the last Democratic governor in Oregon?

The last Democratic governor in Oregon is Tina Kotek, who has served from 2023 to the present day.

When was the last Republican governor in Oregon?

The last Republican governor in Oregon was Victor Atiyeh, who served from 1979 to 1987.

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