South Carolina State Bird

What Is the Official State Bird of South Carolina?

The official state bird of South Carolina is the northern mockingbird. It has been the official state bird of South Carolina since 1939. Of note, South Carolina also has a few other birds that are important to the state. South Carolina also has an official game bird, which is a bird that is hunted for sport. South Carolina even has an official state duck, which makes it unique among the other states in the United States. The northern mockingbird is a very common sight in South Carolina, which is one of the reasons why it was picked to be the official state bird.

What Does the Northern Mockingbird Look Like?

The northern mockingbird is an average-sized bird. When it is fully grown, it is approximately ten inches long. It is also a very light bird, as it usually only weighs about two ounces. Unlike many other birds across the world, the northern mockingbird does not migrate south for the winter. Therefore, it is a common sight in South Carolina, even when it gets cold outside.

The northern mockingbird typically has grey feathers. There are a few white and black feathers scattered across its body as well. The tail is usually darker than the other portions of the bird, and it usually has black feathers. There are also some white feathers on the underside of the wings and on the chest of the bird. The northern mockingbird also has black legs.

How Did the Northern Mockingbird Get its Name?

The northern mockingbird got its name because of its ability to mimic everything that it hears. For example, if there is someone singing a song nearby, the northern mockingbird may be able to mimic the song. Or, if there is someone playing a song on the radio, the northern mockingbird may be able to mimic that song as well. Therefore, the northern mockingbird has also gotten the nickname of “the mimic.”

The northern mockingbird sings because it is looking for a mate. It is the male mockingbird that is responsible for singing a song, and it will try to use its beautiful voice to attract a female. Because of the large population of northern mockingbirds in South Carolina, it is not unusual for people to hear them singing throughout the day.

Why Did South Carolina Pick the Northern Mockingbird?

South Carolina picked the northern mockingbird to be its state bird in 1939. There were a lot of other states looking for an official state bird at that time, and South Carolina wanted to pick a bird that was commonly found in the state. Furthermore, many of the schools participated in the search for a state bird as well. Eventually, the matter landed on the desk of the governor, who did not see much of a problem with the northern mockingbird. That is why the northern mockingbird was picked as the state bird. There are a few other states, including Tennessee, that also use the northern mockingbird.

South Carolina state bird
Carolina wren
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Thryothorus ludovicianus
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