South Carolina State Flag

Meaning of the Flag

The colors and the design of the South Carolina state flag were selected to represent the state’s history and heritage. The color of the background was the color of the uniforms worn by South Carolina troops in the Revolutionary War. The crescent moon is also symbolic of the uniforms of these troops, as this represents the emblem that was worn on their caps. The state tree, the sabal palmetto, is also featured on the flag.

Colors of the Flag

Just two colors are used on the flag of South Carolina. Blue is used for the background. The crescent moon in the canton and the palmetto tree that is centered on the flag are both white.

History of the Flag

The history of the South Carolina state flag can be traced back to 1775. Colonel William Moultrie was asked to design a flag for state troops to use during the Revolutionary War. This design featured a blue field with a white crescent moon in the canton, similar to the design that is used today. However, in blue text within the moon was the word “Liberty.”

It was in 1861 when the palmetto tree was added to the flag. This was a reference to Moultrie’s role in the defense of Sullivan’s Island. After the state seceded from the Union, an official draft for a new flag was created. This flag featured a white field with a green palmetto tree with a blue and white crescent moon in the canton. However, this design was modified and a new flag was adopted featuring a golden palmetto tree encircled in white on a blue background. However, this flag was used for just two days. It was replaced with a version that featured a white palmetto tree on a blue background. This flag was adopted on January 28, 1861.

Flag Facts

The palmetto tree on the flag represents the state’s nickname, “The Palmetto State.”

It’s very common for items including clothing, wallets, decorations and accessories to feature the palmetto tree and crescent moon as a sign of heritage for South Carolinians.

Blue, White
Designed by
Colonel William Moultrie


Blue background with a white palm tree and white crescent moon

South Carolina State Flag

South Carolina Flag

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