Vermont State Bird

What Is The State Bird of the State of Vermont?

The state bird of the state of Vermont is the hermit thrush. The state of Vermont chose the hermit thrush back in 1941. One interesting thing to note about the hermit thrush is that it does not live in the state of Vermont year-round, despite being the state bird of Vermont. In fact, the hermit thrush only lives in the state of Vermont during the summer months.

The hermit thrush is also notable for its song. It has a song that is both pleasant but also somewhat melancholy as well. You are likely to remember hearing its song if you encounter a hermit thrush.

What Are Some Important Facts about the Hermit Thrush's Appearance?

The hermit thrush is not the most colorful out of all the state birds, but it is still important to discuss its appearance. The adult hermit thrush is primarily a brown color when it comes to its upper portions. However, it also has a reddish tail and white underparts that include dark spots on the bird's breast. The hermit thrush also has flanks that are brownish or gray in color. Their legs are a pink color and the ring around their eyes is white.

Is the Hermit Thrush a Large Bird?

Some of the state birds are relatively larger birds, but this is not the case for the hermit thrush. The hermit thrush is only 5.9 to 7.1 inches in length and it only weighs 1.31 ounces at most. Some hermit thrushes weigh as little as 0.63 ounces.

However, the hermit thrush stands out from other Northern American thrushes in that it is stockier and more compact than these other thrushes. Also, its wings are longer compared to those of other Northern American thrushes. The hermit thrush has a wingspan of between 9.8 inches and 11.8 inches.

Where do Hermit Thrushes Live?

The breeding habitat of hermit thrushes is in a mixed or coniferous forest in southern Alaska, Canada, and the western and northeastern United States. The hermit thrush will create a cup nest to raise its young. This cup nest is located either low in a tree or simply on the ground itself.

The hermit thrush migrates south during the winter. They will often spend the winter months in the southern United States. However, some will even go as far south as Central America. A few hermit thrushes actually stay in either southern Ontario or US states located on the country's northern coast.

Vermont state bird
Hermit thrush
Scientific Name
Catharus guttatus
Year Became Official