Governors of Vermont

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Term Start
Term End
Thomas ChittendenOct 1, 1790Aug 25, 1797Independent
Paul BrighamAug 25, 1797Oct 16, 1797Democratic-Republican
Isaac TichenorOct 16, 1797Oct 9, 1807Federalist
Israel SmithOct 9, 1807Oct 14, 1808Democratic-Republican
Isaac TichenorOct 14, 1808Oct 14, 1809Federalist
Jonas GalushaOct 14, 1809Oct 23, 1813Democratic-Republican
Martin ChittendenOct 23, 1813Oct 14, 1815Federalist
Jonas GalushaOct 14, 1815Oct 23, 1820Democratic-Republican
Richard SkinnerOct 23, 1820Oct 10, 1823Democratic-Republican
Cornelius P. Van NessOct 10, 1823Oct 13, 1826Democratic-Republican
Ezra ButlerOct 13, 1826Oct 10, 1828National Republican
Samuel C. CraftsOct 10, 1828Oct 18, 1831National Republican
William A. PalmerOct 18, 1831Nov 2, 1835Anti-Masonic
Silas H. JennisonNov 2, 1835Oct 15, 1841Whig
Charles PaineOct 15, 1841Oct 13, 1843Whig
John MattocksOct 13, 1843Oct 11, 1844Whig
William SladeOct 11, 1844Oct 9, 1846Whig
Horace EatonOct 9, 1846Oct 11, 1848Whig
Carlos CoolidgeOct 11, 1848Oct 11, 1850Whig
Charles K. WilliamsOct 11, 1850Oct 10, 1852Whig
Erastus FairbanksOct 10, 1852Oct 27, 1853Whig
John S. RobinsonOct 27, 1853Oct 13, 1854Democratic
Stephen RoyceOct 13, 1854Oct 10, 1856Whig (1st term)
Ryland FletcherOct 10, 1856Oct 10, 1858Republican
Hiland HallOct 10, 1858Oct 12, 1860Republican
Erastus FairbanksOct 12, 1860Oct 11, 1861Republican
Frederick HolbrookOct 11, 1861Oct 9, 1863Republican
J. Gregory SmithOct 9, 1863Oct 13, 1865Republican
Paul DillinghamOct 13, 1865Oct 13, 1867Republican
John B. PageOct 13, 1867Oct 15, 1869Republican
Peter T. WashburnOct 15, 1869Feb 7, 1870Republican
George W. HendeeFeb 7, 1870Oct 6, 1870Republican
John W. StewartOct 6, 1870Oct 3, 1872Republican
Julius ConverseOct 3, 1872Oct 8, 1874Republican
Asahel PeckOct 8, 1874Oct 5, 1876Republican
Horace FairbanksOct 5, 1876Oct 3, 1878Republican
Redfield ProctorOct 3, 1878Oct 7, 1880Republican
Roswell FarnhamOct 7, 1880Oct 5, 1882Republican
John L. BarstowOct 5, 1882Oct 2, 1884Republican
Samuel E. PingreeOct 2, 1884Oct 7, 1886Republican
Ebenezer J. OrmsbeeOct 7, 1886Oct 4, 1888Republican
William P. DillinghamOct 4, 1888Oct 2, 1890Republican
Carroll S. PageOct 2, 1890Oct 6, 1892Republican
Levi K. FullerOct 6, 1892Oct 4, 1894Republican
Urban A. WoodburyOct 4, 1894Oct 8, 1896Republican
Josiah GroutOct 8, 1896Oct 6, 1898Republican
Edward C. SmithOct 6, 1898Oct 4, 1900Republican
William W. StickneyOct 4, 1900Oct 3, 1902Republican
John G. McCulloughOct 3, 1902Oct 6, 1904Republican
Charles J. BellOct 6, 1904Oct 4, 1906Republican
Fletcher D. ProctorOct 4, 1906Oct 8, 1908Republican
George H. ProutyOct 8, 1908Oct 5, 1910Republican
John A. MeadOct 5, 1910Oct 3, 1912Republican
Allen M. FletcherOct 3, 1912Jan 7, 1915Republican
Charles W. GatesJan 7, 1915Jan 4, 1917Republican
Horace F. GrahamJan 4, 1917Jan 9, 1919Republican
Percival W. ClementJan 9, 1919Jan 6, 1921Republican
James HartnessJan 6, 1921Jan 4, 1923Republican
Redfield Proctor Jr.Jan 4, 1923Jan 8, 1925Republican
Franklin S. BillingsJan 8, 1925Jan 6, 1927Republican
John E. WeeksJan 6, 1927Jan 8, 1931Republican
Stanley C. WilsonJan 8, 1931Jan 10, 1935Republican
Charles M. SmithJan 10, 1935Jan 7, 1937Republican
George David AikenJan 7, 1937Jan 9, 1941Republican
William H. WillsJan 9, 1941Jan 4, 1945Republican
Mortimer R. ProctorJan 4, 1945Jan 9, 1947Republican
Ernest W. Gibson Jr.Jan 9, 1947Jan 16, 1950Republican
Harold J. ArthurJan 16, 1950Jan 4, 1951Republican
Lee E. EmersonJan 4, 1951Jan 6, 1955Republican
Joseph B. JohnsonJan 6, 1955Jan 8, 1959Republican
Robert T. StaffordJan 8, 1959Jan 5, 1961Republican
F. Ray Keyser Jr.Jan 5, 1961Jan 10, 1963Republican
Philip H. HoffJan 10, 1963Jan 9, 1969Democratic
Deane C. DavisJan 9, 1969Jan 4, 1973Republican
Thomas P. SalmonJan 4, 1973Jan 6, 1977Democratic
Richard A. SnellingJan 6, 1977Jan 10, 1985Republican
Madeleine KuninJan 10, 1985Jan 10, 1991Democratic
Richard A. SnellingJan 10, 1991Aug 13, 1991Republican
Howard DeanAug 13, 1991Jan 9, 2003Democratic
Jim DouglasJan 9, 2003Jan 6, 2011Republican
Peter ShumlinJan 6, 2011Jan 5, 2017Democratic
Phil ScottJan 5, 2017-Republican
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Vermont is one of the oldest states in the country. It is located in the northeastern United States, and it has plenty of farmland and strong businesses. Because Vermont occupies such an important part of the country, many people are wondering who the governor of Vermont is. Who is the current governor of Vermont, and what are some of the issues that he or she has had to face? Even though Vermont is known for its maple syrup, it also plays an important political role in the United States.

The Current Governor of Vermont Is Phil Scott

The current governor of Vermont is Phil Scott. He took over the role of governor of Vermont in 2017. He is a member of the Republican party, and he has had to deal with a number of significant issues during the past few years. Without a doubt, the most important issue facing Vermont is the coronavirus pandemic. Phil Scott has largely been responsible for coordinating the response of the state to the pandemic, and overall he has very high approval ratings. Even though there are other issues that he has had to deal with, the pandemic has been the biggest problem.

The History of Vermont Governors

The very first leader of Vermont was Thomas Chittenden. He took over as the leader of Vermont in 1778, and he left office in 1789. He was also the leader of the independent republic of Vermont before the territory joined the United States. Vermont became a state in 1790, and Thomas Chittenden took over as the leader of Vermont once again. Since that time, the vast majority of Vermont governors have been members of the Republican Party. Even though power has changed hands several times, the Republican party has been in the governor's office for the majority of the time.

Current Governor
Phil Scott
Governor Since
Jan 5, 2017
# of Governors Since Statehood

Governors of Vermont

Which party is the current governor of Vermont?

The current governor of Vermont is Phil Scott, a Republican.

How many governors has Vermont had?

There have been 78 governors of Vermont, 6 Democrats, 53 Republicans, and 20 from other parties.

When was the last Republican governor in Vermont?

The last Republican governor in Vermont is Phil Scott, who has served from 2017 to the present day.

When was the last Democrat governor in Vermont?

The last Democrat governor in Vermont was Peter Shumlin, who served from 2011 to 2017.

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