There are 36 cities in Garland County, Arkansas.

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2024 Population
2020 Census
Annual Change
Density (mi²)
Area (mi²)
Myrtle Beach1South Carolina41,27935,9693.59%1,75223.56
Hot Springs2Arkansas38,31137,9680.26%1,02337.44
Conway3South Carolina30,81025,0635.96%1,34122.97
Socastee4South Carolina24,46425,846 1,83313.35
North Myrtle Beach5South Carolina20,89418,9002.6%97621.41
Hot Springs Village6Arkansas16,84315,562 29656.94
Red Hill7South Carolina15,58516,290 1,40911.06
Garden City8South Carolina10,88511,193 2,0495.31
Little River9South Carolina9,8159,692 93710.48
Forestbrook10South Carolina7,4147,613 1,9993.71
Truth or Consequences11New Mexico5,8956,043-0.69%21128
Piney12Arkansas4,5634,518 7026.50
Surfside Beach13South Carolina4,4164,1601.56%2,2811.94
Rockwell14Arkansas4,2054,699 1,3393.14
Loris15South Carolina2,7772,4652.59%6114.55
Lake Hamilton16Arkansas2,0312,174 1,0441.95
Elephant Butte18New Mexico1,4201,446-0.35%3404.18
Aynor19South Carolina1,0779852.08%5801.86
Bucksport21South Carolina744607 1774.20
Mountain Pine22Arkansas569582-0.7%3431.66
Briarcliffe Acres23South Carolina5654794.24%8630.66
Mercer24Wisconsin533507 1204.45
Fountain Lake25Arkansas468475-0.64%954.90
Williamsburg26New Mexico465468 9570.49
Atlantic Beach27South Carolina38919915.77%2,4010.16
Las Palomas28New Mexico288115 1801.60
Hillsboro29New Mexico175199 822.13
Iron Belt30Wisconsin174151 712.47
Pence31Wisconsin12195 1131.07
Oasis32New Mexico116117 562.09
Caballo34New Mexico72118 730.98
Hot Springs Landing35New Mexico5947 1310.45
Arrey36New Mexico0.79
showing: 36 rows

Cities in Garland County, Arkansas by Population (2024)

What is the largest city in Garland County, Arkansas?

Myrtle Beach is the largest city in Garland County.

What is the smallest city in Garland County, Arkansas?

Arrey is the smallest city in Garland County.

How many cities are in Garland County?

There are 36 cities in Garland County, Arkansas.

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